Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First I have to thank my TA who yesterday gave me an Awesome fact on my current mental state. It's called PSMD (I think) and we can all have it. Also THANKS to those who reached out I will call on you when the I can not fight the demons. I did hear allot about how yesterday the weather will affect moods, And how Seattle has one of the highest number of suicides. Trust me people I wasn't going there. But it does make sense my love of yellow, Being the sunshine all the time and making others smile.

So on to the topic that's irking my spirit. Please fell free to chime in when I'm complete, it helps me with my personal writings.Blogging is just supposed to be your personal thought written for all to see. A way for you heart and spirit to open up. You guys do want an Awesome book to read from the plumber, RIGHT.

Lately I been faced with a situation in my personal life. People or whom I thought were friends making choices which show who they really are. I know sometimes life just leads two people in different directions, I get that. Take off and grow, I wish the best to you. BUT Just because you breathing doesn't mean your living.

I don't mean to take my thoughts always towards a spiritual way, But I am who I am and if there"s one thing I have learned in life be true to who you are. So if you must be fearless and think you can be happy, DO it. But know beyond a shadow of my doubt GOD love all. OH and he forgives each and every day. BUT in the end HE chooses every ones position in the after life. IF all you want to be is worm food, your on the right path. If you want to rejoice, frolicking through the fields of happiness, Think about your actions a little deeper. Don't always believe the hype. There is no easy path to fortunes. It will come, when of course you get blessed. GOD is always watching !!!

SO just know in life your NETWORK determines your NETWORTH Keep no squares in your circle... I'm just sayin


  1. I'm just saying I feel ya! people suck, but you're all good and once your P-M-D-D wears off, you'll be your 'ole chipper self again! :) ilyp!

  2. Jeff, You are really starting to inspire me man! I love how real you are! Thanks for always being you! See you in the morning!!