Monday, January 18, 2010


So yesterday Sunday the 17Th 2010 I have to give a sermon at 2 senior centers. Well I don't have too I was asked too. Another thing in life I have learned is if someone whom is trained in the book of higher power asks you for or to do something, In good faith you say yes. Ex specially if you have been to heaven a couple of times in life so far(Awesome story but I'm saving that one for the book)

I arrive at 9:30 am at the first place, Which is filled with Alzheimer and dementia precipitants. And I'm the one to give them a message Funny right !!! Well maybe only funny if you know me personally, But I'm prepared, My reading is from MARK 10:17-31, Which starts with the words "rich young man" It basically talks about that when one dies one must be willing to sacrifice all. Thus being rewarded with eternal life in heaven. Read it sometime and see if you get the same message. That's what makes life so Awesome, we all see things different or the same. It's powerful any way you look at it

know I have to go onto How to translate this to everyday life: When one believes in GOD, WE may go through the motions, but in the end it requires total sacrifice. Examples: on a holy holiday the church get totally filled up, yet the week after it's empty except from the true believers. Or when you see a war movie and their in the fox hole believing and praying for GOD, yet 15 minutes prior they seemed atheist. Or when your on a plane and it's mad turbulence and you see a person praying for god, yet before you saw them board there is no way they believed.

YOU cannot believe just at the end, Yes HE will take you but HE will also decide when who goes first and who comes last. YOU can not just believe when your suffering or in pain at the end. It must encompass you all the time, every second, every day Because truly in the end HE chooses our order. GOD is watching HE is listening. When you don't get the answer or decision your looking for. YOU didn't ask mother may I properly so try again. Do not give up Hope. Have FAITH and HE will always respond "AND in the age to come, eternal life. But many who are first will be last and the last first"

All this coming from the Plumber from NY city. I will always confess I'm no way a perfect person. Nor have I always been a good guy. But I know deep down I did what I had too, Just To survive and I know those who are reading this did the same. WE all must make choices in life "EAT or be EATEN". If I'm going to eat I will choose to hurt those who are really bad and I will help those whom truly need my hands for they are always good. SO on this day and every other you decide your path. The choice is and always yours to choose, make it the right one and who knows what that is. Only HE knows. I will Hope to see you at the end, Or as we say SEE you at the top... I'm just sayin

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  1. Thank you. This one kind of hit home today. In the past, well, over a year now of being the unemployed, formerly self employed guy and still self employed guy, trying to stay positive each day and continue on the straight and narrow path can be very difficult. But HE always provides what I need...not always what I want...but, that's ok...just gotta keep believing and doing the right things in life!