Monday, January 25, 2010

Friends and Family

What's up ??? How you doin ???

Do you ever think about your friends and family. Or maybe do you have true friends and family. Of course blood is blood but can your friends be stronger than blood. These are all questions that just make you say hm, or am I just having a mental problem again. I should probably give you all some history.

To begin I'm an Irish-German 36 yr old man from N.Y.c. family is important. I met the woman of my dreams early (this year we celebrate 20 yrs). She loved me and still does, I think. Well she showed me love more than my own family and as a new yorker I was ready and destined for Manhood. This upset my folks and strained my relationship with them. Now there are other factors to this, some me, some them But what's done is done. As you know yesterday is gone, live for today cause tomorrow might not come. So I got my wife, two great children and some dogs. My own family and its no sweat. But I sometimes feel alone in this crazy world

This leads to friends love em or leave them. Both of which I have done many times over. On October 7Th 2007 when I died and was reborn about 3 months later. This too I questioned. after this moment many times when I showered I cried, men great place to do it, no one can here you and if they think they do it's just soap in your eyes.(back to my thought) I'm alone again, Most of my friends "suck" to put it bluntly. so those who are still around from that time, I love you. In fact you made the cut. You can either be proud or scared, the choice is yours. But now I need new friends, Work on me and they will come RIGHT...

Then you find new friends and your care full, Can they become stronger than family ??? Is that wrong or is that the facts of life. Right now my new friends are Awesome. We are all living with the right mindset. Growing and becoming stronger everyday. If one asked for help, I'm on it. Can that change, Of course But again is it wrong ??? I can't know everything So I guess you have to just Love those who you want to and those who you don't want to. Whether there family or friends who become family, I'm saying for me they're the same and maybe some day my family( not my wife, children, dogs They're all AWESOME) will want my love again. To my friends and you all know who you are, I love you. For all others you decide, this dude has love for you too... I'm just sayin

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