Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Do you ever feel or wish you were alone. It's about 4 days now and I'm totally in a funk. Over a week ago I thought I knew what was lurking in the darkness, aaah wrong. Because simply I'm still feeling it. As you know we in society we always give this blah feeling a title "depression". I don't think I'm depressed but maybe I am. Do you know were I'm coming from ???

One can not live without some sort of HOPE and FAITH. I know isolation is a sickness. It says in Genesis 2:18 "It is not good that man should be alone". Or in the words of Max lucado "Giants we must face them, But we need not face them alone" Ask for help. Does one go to God every time our body's chemical balance is off. It's confusing I pray often and treat everyone good even when I'm not. So what's up I ask ???

Did you know V. Harvner said that "snowflakes are frail but put enough of them together and you can stop traffic" I guess sometimes one will run into walls which we personally built up in our own life. So it becomes our job to carry the sledge hammer and break it down. But we must ask for help or help others. Ralph Martson said "if you want to climb higher, then lift others up". Life is confusing, ask for help, help others. We all may have our own personal demons, But one must stay strong. Meditation over Medication. I guess these are the times in ones life were one must reach down to the bottom of your sole and simply just know, Finding Hope in our darkest days makes the rest of our lives simple !!!

THANKS for reading and letting me vent or reflect on my pain. I'm always here for you guys or gals out there, we will HELP each other. Go out and and attack this thing we call life. Stay strong cause I will... I'm just sayin

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