Saturday, January 2, 2010


"The world belongs to the enthusiastic believer. Stability is a very available emotion. The door is open and we close it everyday. We decide the life we live" Jeff the Plumber M.M.
So today starts the year of athletic chalenges. We meaning Nick,Jen,Ben,Nicole and I are doing a duathlon. For those that don't know it's when one run then bikes then runs some more. The distance you ask 2 mile, 8 mile, 2 mile. Why you say, I don't know cause when you think about it seems like a fruitless waste of time. But it's 5am and I am up before 5 writing this, so I'm a little pumped and excited. Maybe because I'm crazy, yes I will give you that. Or maybe it's for the Bigmac I'm going to treat myself to if we finish in less than 1 and a half hours. I don't know you decide. In fact it kind of breaks my resolution of not eating red meat in 2009. But that was last year and this is a new year. Besides I'm probably swearing off all meat this year just fish and eggs. So one bigmac won't hurt, well it probably will crush my stomach. One has to try, live out side your box. Everyday is a new day, stick to your relutions or goals, the big guy is watching. I'm just sayin...

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