Sunday, January 3, 2010


Your key to complete manifestation, Dream it then do it. This I find is the only way, staying active will inspire others.

When I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to do this duathlon, I really didn't care if they did, I was going to with or with out them. They all did though.

I prepared a bike for Jenn, who has no real experience shifting gear. But kept moving on a course that had major grade changes, She's an Awesome funsize woman.

Nicole who despite previous injuries ran as much as she could and then stood at the finish sections and cheered like no other, Truely Awesome.

Ben an athlete who doesn't try to show you how he's stronger than you, Just keeps going with the flow and speaks positivity to everyone, Awesome.

Nick, I had asked him prior to stay by my side. So that he would push me to move faster. He didn't the natural athlete in him couldn't. He's a winner and once a winner always a winner. He tried his very best the first 2 mile run, but once on his bike he was like lightning.

frankly that was OK because it inspired me to keep moving, Awesome Oliver. Your an Awesome friend and a great brother, thanks.
My wife who cheered loudly at every finish line section, grabbing inspiration from each and every athlete whizzing by, Awesome. I look forward to running with you in March my LOVE, and I will stay with you the whole race. Like you have stayed by my side for the last 20 years... I LOVE YOU

Now me I finished, 1 hour 28 minutes 34 seconds. A time quite frankly I'm not proud of. Some say Awesome you finished, but I guess we are all our best and most judgemental critic. My head wasn't totally in it. First I forgot my bike helmet, and my bike pump broke. So i rode on half full tires. The course was hilly, and I'm riding a modified mountain bike. It's last race, number 2 on my goals list will be done this week. Look out Oliver, I will soon challenge you. I broke a race rule of not using the restroom before the race. Your body will always let you know of this race foul. 15 minutes lost in the silly blue room. Kicking my self in my virtual butt and thinking of Vinny's blue room story. Then trying to get my head back, But I was inspired seeing my friends running a race which I inspired them to do. AWESOME did I say AWESOME well it was. Next time join us there is always room for one more... I'm just sayin

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