Saturday, January 16, 2010


Normally on Friday I would have posted some facts I learned during the prior week. Thus showing my journey for more knowledge in this world. Because as we all know knowledge is power. So I have a topic to babble about, But first some facts on animals and you will soon see why !!!

FACT: The first bomb dropped on Berlin in WWII killed the only elephant in the Berlin zoo

FACT: If you put a drop of liqueur on a scorpion it will sting its self to death

FACT: A fill grown grizzly bear can bite through a piece of steel an inch thick

FACT: Parrots play practical jokes on each other

FACT: A vulture can fly 6 hours without flapping it's wings

FACT: The owl is the only bird to drop it's eyelid to wink while other birds raise their lower eyelid

FACT: Dogs and cats are right and left pawed just like humans

OK so while you were reading the cool animal facts, You were probably thinking were is Jeff the Plumber going with this ??? So I watched a documentary on HBO last night called "I'm an animal, Ingred Newkirk" . Has any one seen it, If not look for it. I say this for a multitude of reasons. The piece focuses on Ingrid whom is the founder and owner of PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals).

First great cause but not the best advocate. They have an operating budget of over 15million a month, Waste ,I think, do you ?. I'm sure the ASPCA could use that money better. Second we live in this world were we shouldn't pass judgement on others. If someone wants to walk around in a fur so be them. We are animals too NO???, so third Eat or be Eaten. If one chooses to eat meat and I mean any meat product, eat it. While I have chosen to quit eating red meat and pork. This was no reason for you. I do aggree that the killing of such animals should be a little more Humane. But we are the dominent species, It's just a fact. And lastly if you watch it you will see two things Ingrid says shes an athiest, and wears a leather coat. Now if you see this whole flic you will see her and her staff talking about and thanking god several times, Athiest (Sure how did we all get here animals and all) I think not GOD is great and he is Everywhere. Also if your an animal activist a leather coat or shoes are a no no. Just a little hipocritical, Chime in ,please don't be shy

Animals do need to be protected and treated properly, Supported the ASPCA or some other charity like the GRACE Foundation. But Leather is just a way of not wasting. EAT meat or don't its your choice, That's why we live in this world with freedom of choice. If you want to wear fur do it, I think it's tacky but I'm not you and that's what makes life great. We all make choices everyday so just think of the weaker animals when you do it !!! ... I'm just sayin


  1. All I have to say is, I never thought of PETA in that way. It is so true. The book of thoughts could all come from your amazing blogs. I am more and more proud to be your kid every single day! You're awesome!!

  2. I was at the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in November and there was a PETA table set up at 20th & K with a video playing about meat....I watched intently for a few minutes but eventually had to walk away because I was getting so HUNGRY!!
    Dan "The Not-PC Poster Child"