Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outlook on the Darkness

Hello all, Today I a woke with a super Awesome spirit. But that lurking unknown feeling was still present. Not to worry Jeff I said to myself, I am prepared. Yesterday I prayed many times and when in doubt rely on faith. Besides the big man got my back, I hope !!!

So I went to the Arden Arcade successful thinkers meeting. Keeping in mind stay positive and BAM it happens. I must continue to be me. I first meet a Awesome lady named Ling Tseng. We converse and she is into fueng shai and positive energy. Then I meet Chelsea Chase and we also converse. She is a woman who is spiritual and gives me an Awesome way to get grounded in life.We have an Awesome FB lesson from Raj. I begin to leave and who do I see Shay Wheat. I start to see a pattern of powerful woman. Now realizing every conversation so far today was with Awesome strong ladies. Don't worry Jenny, Debbi, Kim I didn't forget you gals, All Awesome. So now I head off to my first meeting, Susan Boyce again Awesome convo, Building towards something.

Every appointment today ladies all sharing positivity and I'm soaking it in. My phone rings and It's a woman who I just met inviting me to a power mixer tonight. That she proceeds to tell me I must attend, Thanks Mati Rosa. I attend this meeting and I find myself under dressed. Everyone in attendance is suited up and I'm feeling my self doubt coming on, and BAM again it happens !!!

I'm the shining light in a room of darkness. Everyone has there shades on (metaphorically speaking) but begins to approach me one by one, removing there shades in relief. They need me and there mostly women Realtors. Some have heard of me from other mixers and word of mouth. Awesome mixing works again I tell my self. Stay true to who you are and it will always shine thru. I do what I have to do so I can do what I want to do. I've been told not to generate much pride. Remain humble and the LORD will raise you up. That lurking feeling gone, I was being tested !!!

I hope you got something from this, otherwise I'm just rambling again. If so I'm sorry, But I'm in an Awesome great place right now. So I leave you with this, It's not where one lives it's how one lives. To live without FAITH and HOPE is pure IGNORANCE...I'm just sayin


  1. Just so ya're not just rambling....

  2. I Love it! It totally puts things into perspective! :) I've felt like this too, but I never put it into words, and you did it so eloquently! T.A. and daughter is proud! :)