Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mother may I ???

Yesterday and now today I feel off, out of balance. Weird ,I swear to you I feel like something is lurking in the dark back round. Just waiting to pounce. It reminds me of that childhood game mother may I. You know were you ask the leader can I take one giant step and they say yes you can. Then you ask if you can take three tiny steps they say yes you can. then you ask for a jumping leap and they sat no !!!

So not to get spiritual or nothing I have prayed extra hard today. I'm feeling like the mother may I character in life is GOD and I'm not always asking the mother may I question correctly. Does anyone out there feel were I'm coming from. I hope so other wise I'm just writing for me and him, THE BIG GUY and that's all right

They say the secret of attraction is to love yourself. Maybe that's it, I have been dwelling on my Saturdays performance. Not really loving myself, Silly huh. I know in life if you have a family and they look at you for direction you must be the Rock not the Marsh mellow, Being frivolous, careless, immature is never the answer. Quite frankly never a good look. I am the rock everyday just on Saturday when I was done I hadn't felt that....We are truly our worst critic "ARRGH"

Maturity that's what it is. The light bulb just went off. Ones maturity begins to grow when you can sense the concerns of another beginning to outweigh the concern of yourself. We/I am growing everyday, sometimes we must pay close attention to those around us. They are holding out their hand to help or guide us because we are their rock. I can not fail, I did not fail
Thank you for reading this. I just shared an emotional moment out loud and feeling much relief right now. But I still feel that shadow lurking, I am strong and so are you and when it come We will be ready. Just keep growing,learning,loving and feeling. Because sometimes you got to go out on a limb, That's were all the fruit IS... I'm just sayin

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  1. WOW!That's all I can say. I am definitely feeling you on this one. You just need to remember, GO EASIER ON YOURSELF. "I'm just saying" LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!