Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mission Trip to Namibia Africa: still traveling

The b&b shuttle us back to the airport, This part was pretty painless, straight through, not much checking of our bags like the U.S., I didn't even have to take my shoes off again, weird ???

This is the first time I have boarded a full size plane out on the tarmac, I got the isle seat again and An empty row, The big gut has been thinking about my long legs hasn't he :-) well I guess I don't get the whole row, A small African boy came and he gets the window seat, The flight attendant informed me I would have to be responsible for him during the flight, I jokingly said what if I don't want too ? He didn't get me joking, I said it would be fine but thought I guess I can't get some more shut eye, So I helped him with his buckle, trying to ignore him, surely impossible, He was wanting to play And I guess I looked friendly, he told me he was 6, his birthday was yesterday (9-17-2011)He just left his father whom works in Johannesburg, His mom would be waiting when we landed, He proceeded to tell me all the cool things I could do in Namibia, Drink cart came, I got a tomato juice, asked him and he said coke, This is where as a parent I would have said no you must have juice But he's not mine so coke it is, The meal and once again real silverware, At this point I could have a setting for six, they where nice and heavy, Choices chicken, fish, or pasta, I chose pasta, he chose beef but only ate the salad and desert

So we land and exit the plane walking across the tarmac, we must fill out some forms entering the country as non citizens, they have general info questions, who, what, where, how much etc etc , Then you wait in the appropriate line waiting for the custom agent, My turn and she asks first time in Namibia Africa, yes, What are you going to do, Just see the sites, She then proceeds to tell me some stuff I should check out, I told her that's what the boy sitting next to me on the plane said, she said who, I pointed, She said oh he's a brat, I said no no he's just a curios young boy and I appreciated him telling me some stuff, She then told me he was Namibian royalty, the grandson of this guy who's name I couldn't pronounce or spell, I said I'm sorry I didn't know who that was but the boy was no bother, She stamped my passport and said have a nice stay,,, I think the boy saved me the normal travel pat-down,,, Thank you Jesus !!!

We picked up our luggage, mine was gone through some where on this journey, I'm a neat packer and it was mish moshed, Now we had to play the rental game which was setup before we left, we get not what we had planned but a 13 passenger van and a trailer, Fine Paul and I load the trailer and away we go

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