Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mission trip In Namibia Africa

So were on the road to Opuwo, about 4 hours in lunch time is calling, so we stopped for lunch, Who would guess in the middle of Africa a KFC ??? I know I thought it too, That's a stereotype, Were in Africa not the U.S.A. The menu was different but the same premise, no bucket family deals, All set combos with no substitutions. About 50 ran per combo give or take a couple, No wedges only fries or chips as they called them, Oh and 50 ran is about $7.15 U.S. But no biscuits, Mack n cheese, mash with gravy, Just chicken original and extra crispy, on a roll or in a wrap, The special African one was called the Master-box, I got this for a more culture experience, It was a chicken strip with a fish strip on a wrap with lettuce tomato cheese and spicy mayo. All orders came with chips, red vinegar,tomato sauce and a soda, they also had no deserts, even though they had a soft serve ice cream machine BUT said it was broken,,, We thought it probably has never been used

This next portion I got to drive for about 300K's This was a nicer scenic drive, we were in cattle country, goats, cows, huge bulls and donkeys just roaming free, across the road when ever they want, I had to be on my toes. The lady tinkle breaks were just getting even more funny the Bush was less available, This trip will get the prissy out of any one of them, Next time we will be in Opuwo, see you then !!!

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  1. Jeff Wagner, you are a wonderful man. Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways. I would love to get together with you for a chat about your trip, and perhaps I could pick your brain regarding becoming becoming a stronger, more spiritual and rational human being! Love to you, Christina, and family.