Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mission Trip to Namibia Africa: The plane trip continues

So we landed in Dakar, we stay on the plane for an hour and a half while they refuel, clean, reload food, change crew, On the final plane till we change in Johannesburg Africa, I also watched another flick during the night, the latest pirates movie, I only slept an hour, it's 6:55 am so I have been flying over 24 hours thus far, this next portion will take 8 and a half hours, we will time change 2 hours more, They just sprayed some deodorizer mist out of the plane vents, its smell like urinal cakes, guess they think some of us smell or something ??? I am hugely parched wishing I had some water and juicy fruit to moisten my throat, The plane is being loaded with new people and they are announcing the safety instructions again, In every world language except Spanish, I guess were not in the U.S.A. anymore, IO still feel good, not really tired, just stir crazy-ish, really really want some H2o, were in the air, new movie choices, first up the latest fast and furious,,, I still need that water !!!

Well I'm into day 2,,, It's breakfast time on the plane, choices eggs or pancakes, I chose pancakes, they had a blueberry compost on them with a sweet cream sauce, a fruit cup with strawberries, oranges and grapefruit, a cup of raspberry yogurt, a croissant with butter and jam, I asked for 3 bottles of water and a peach juice and a cup of coffee and I got all of them, I'm destined to try and beat the home court advantage in the "2 bathroom department, I'm sure a "2 at 30,000 fett will fell nice !!!

Well well another surprise a second meal on one flight, That's right breakfast and dinner, It's been 9 hours so They are being nice to us, Chicken or beef, They love there beef in Africa I'm told, I chose the chicken, It was a chicken cream pasta dish with peas and mushrooms, sides full salad with salmon on top, crackers with cream cheese, buttered roll, with mocha cream cake, I had 3 deserts from my mates since they thought it didn't look good, all I can say is it was yummo and they missed out, I ordered a tea and 3 more water bottles, I was not going to get dehydrated

I watched THOR and played some of the games they had on the screen util we landed at about 6pm, that's like 36 hours since the start, 18 hours until the next flight so we will have some down time in Johannesburg, We will have to pass through a port of entry area, first time ever Where I had to wait in the "other" isle, One said South Africa, the Africa, Then other which me and every where else worldwide, It is an conventional international airport with all the normal hustle and bustle stores restaurants and such, went to pick up my luggage, apparently the Kokomor's, Bob, Dee, and mine were not on the carousel, apparently they went to the final stop, so no change of clothes till tomorrow, no washing with soap, no teethe brushing, nothing, FUN FUN FUN

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