Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mission Trip in Namibia Africa, Touchdown to camp

So It's currently day 5 Wednesday 9-21-2011, 5:30am. We rolled into the town of Opuwo around 6:30 pm, Got everything unloaded and separated, Ladies in the guesthouse, which is a building with 5 rooms, 4 for sleeping and a large room for the kitchen/dinning room, It has two smaller rooms one with a toilet and a sink and the other a shower(well kinda a shower) Reminds me of a mexico Esque hunting camp, 10 beds so looks like the ladies will be all good, well wait we have 9 women 4 men,,, That leaves Paul and I out since our wives are home, The other two Kevin and Bob will have to choose who stays and whom goes, Cots in the classroom for 3 who will it be ???

Paul, Kevin and I got the cots in the class room/dining room/main kitchen witch is one door over closer to the sanctuary, We had to well the ladies had a bunch of cleaning to do, The play was a mess, Different culture or priority don't know which yet, We men got to fixing bed frames, wooden tables and chairs so we can eat and meet in a civil manner, Then it came, my calling, I did travel all this way to do the skill GOD made me for, I know what my hands were made for each day, At a young age I thought trouble, But it was just training for the days of fixing things, So on to plumbing, Well they take me to this cistern tank, whose job it is to fill during the day and have water for the night when the water is turned off ???

Apparently the local municipality shut the whole towns water off from approximately 7pm to 7am if there lucky. you see it can be shut off or on any time so the storage tank is real important, The water piping supplying it is leaking about 90% of its water all over the ground, which means some days the tank is never full and if the main isn't on for a few days there S.O.L.(if you catch me) Well well I said what do we got to fix this. So I looked at the supply we had, I prayed my Macgyver skills will be strong, began working without shutting the main,,, well because there's no valve and within a half and hour got the line 90% fixed with only a 10% leak, But knew I would find the parts to make it 100% leak free or I'm not "JDP" I then asked while I'm In my groove what else you got, Even though the tools I got are barbaric, the parts are all metric and not like a Home depot part, I was here to be the best I could and I would not back down, So I service 2 toilets, repaired a propane cook stove, That in itself would have made Macgyver and Macgruber proud, It was funny as I was working I knew if I kept my "I can do it" "I can do Anything" "I'm unstoppable" attitude, This trip and experience will be AWESOME !!!

I did what I set out to do, Presto it was done and better than when I arrived. Now nothing was done to America standards and I'm pretty sure Osha and the engineering inspectors would say "You can't do that" OR "That won't work" But were not in the U.S.A. were in the small town of Opuwo Namibia Africa, 5000 or so people, with 100,000 or more acres, where every once of water counts, So I'm thinking no one and I mean no one will say a thing, Now one will think I sucked, Right now I'm pretty Awesome to them right now, By The time I leave here they will want to know Why I keep referring to my work as Macgyver, I'm having fun feeling needed Hoping this feeling will continue

Meanwhile the ladies with Mrs Shalley were cooking, Now I'm prepared for whatever I'm served, It was some kind of Sausage stuff, potato, frozen peas -corn mix, African mac-n-cheese and a cakey spiced desert. We had prayer of course and formed the line, Ladies first I thought but not here men first,,, again were in Africa not much women's lib, So I will have to stay busy so I eat towards the end, We then had several hours of conversation, set the plan kinda for tomorrow, The women retired, we retired to our cots, boots off and up from the floor to keep the scorpions out of them, flashlight and knife I hid in my suitcase close, Final prayer and meditation to set my own personal intentions for the next day,,, Good night all where ever you are, I love you baby

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