Monday, October 3, 2011

Mission trip to Namibia Africa: plane ride there

Now I sit and wait for the airplane, consider this a spiritual 4square check in. I'm at the Sacramento airport headed to Namibia Africa via Washington, Dakar, Johannesburg, Windhoek (they pronounce it vint-hook) Final destination Oskosorve village, Here I come Jesus take the wheel !!!

We have begun to board the plane and I have been gifted an aisle seat, row 27 d. It's funny they show you a safety video now instead of the flight attendants actually doing it, There job gets easier and easier, They must have good union representation. The flight is packed, every single seat filled, In the air, There is no turning back now

Side note: Its also a wonder how the world or people will always provide those who give will always receive, Most of my church mates got food to eat in the airport, Big ole burritos with eggs and potatoes, they were huge just like us big gluttony humans expects, these plates of food could easily feed 3 people any where else in the world, But here the norm, Me ate my bananas I packed in my carry on bag, figured I would need the potassium for or not to get cramps on this long trip

The stewardess said 4 hours 40 minutes till touch down, Landed in Dulles airport that's Washington D.C. for those that don't know, 3pm east coast time, This airport is massive, we found our gate for Dakar, our next flight is on South African airlines, The plane left about 6pm, each seat has it's own TV with tons of choices for selections, I think I will watch the latest x-men and super 8, They gave me a pillow and blanket without even asking, even earphones, a mask to cover your eyes, even socks to keep your feet warm, A total different experience from an American flight unless you fly first class, which I have not done yet but some day I will, right honey ??? I got my wife her first spoons in the airport gift shop, I'm feeling pretty good so far only 24 more hours of this give or take.

They are starting to serve our meal now, it seems a bit gourmet, the choices beef, chicken, pasta, The beef comes with potatoes and green beans, The chicken with rice and peas, The pasta with sauce Lima beans and peas. I picked the pasta, you then had the choice of bread white or wheat, then it had cheese and crackers, a kit-kat bar, a salad with lettuce and tomatoes, yellow peppers and olives with a vinaigrette dressing and for dessert a real piece of N.Y. cheesecake. The kicker ,,,,,, Real silverware, fork knife spoon, ohh and a cup of coffee or tea, Boy o boy we get cheated in the U.S. nuts or pretzels and a soda if were lucky, I think I will have to go on international flights from now on

Some sleep now see you later peeps !!!

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