Monday, October 24, 2011

Mission trip in Namibia Africa: Thursday day 6

So woke up and Thanked GOD for another glorious day, all in all performed my normal routine of a bucket bath, put on semi clean pants, sock, underwear, a totally new T shirt, Filled everyone's buckets, Meditated/prayed and finally made my morning daily vlog, Then loaded up the truck with materials, food and water for the day, Best of all this is done before 8am, So breakfast was usually done by now, today White bread with the center cut out and where the bread center was, is a fried egg, There was always regular scrambled eggs with spam and cheese, dry cereal, coffee and tea. Now in our world you may know I don't usually drink tea or coffee because I don't need caffeine to get me going, since life primarily makes me high and if I'm feeling down I go for a run, But (this is where the true N.Y. plumber will come out) Coffee or tea Will help me drop the kids off at the pool, if you catch what I'm laying down, After 5 days of no drop off the chocolate children are getting angry so I must do something about the backup at the "OK corral", we all brought stuff for Montezuma's revenge but not anything for the current situation, We think it due to the malaria pills were all taking, I'm drinking the tap water today and hoping It will make the river flow, if not I can chill and go with the flow, I hope the local water will work just better not let the missionary's catch me, you see they say the water is bad for us Americans,,, I'm not buying that besides I'm the plumber and drink all kinds of water to check for taste when a customer thinks something is wrong, So I'm thinking I will taste the pollutants right away, bring it on Montezuma !!!

Well we head off for the village, The children that don't go to school came running as soon as the saw our vehicles hit the cattle road, We unloaded, set up the scaffolding, ladders, generator, welder, drills, hand tools, painting supplies, Had one of the ladies prep a nut to a bolt, while others painted the steel, As we started installing the perlins and roof structure, We all worked until lunch, Which was African sloppy Joe's with African cheese puffs and canned fruit salad, After lunch back to the the task at hand, The school children began to arrive back at the village, so the ladies get to switch modes, this always made them happier because the didn't really enjoy listening to us men any way.

Today they made an art project with yarn, paper plates and pictures from hallmark cards, Everyone was wearing them around there necks like trophies, It was neat watching from high atop the roof line, I'm not down helping the ladies but surely enjoying there beautiful work, just watching the children and adult Himba ladies create art then play the school yard games is so so AWESOME

finished work in the village for the day, washed up and headed back to town, first we stopped at the grocery store for the normal, water, ice, snacks, soda, Oh and I got some hand wash laundry soap so I can wash some clothes in the morning, Returned to camp, As others went to settle in, shower, and start dinner, I went back to Macgyver plumbing mode, Fixed many thing and none up to our American plumbing standards, I won't tell any one if you don't, If anything they will want me to come back again, Dinner bell rang, tonight, A meat stew like thing, Now I say meat because it comes from a 4 legged animal but I wasn't asking witch, we also had African Doritos, buttered bread with fruit jam and desert rice crispy treats, We conversed and split off as usual, I decided to do my laundry tonight, It helped put real American life into perspective, I'm really enjoying this walk with Christ, I think this lack of hot showers and washing machines would make us all smelly, I ask for a ladies to be 100% honest and let me know if I got the funk, They say I'm not so I must trust them just as I trust in GOD, Tomorrow brings a new day and each more challenging, So bring it big guy, I hold you in the highest and will walk the path no matter where it leads,,, Good night all, I love you

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