Friday, October 7, 2011

Mission trip to Namibia Africa: now the road trip, let the rubber meet the road

My job in the Comb-bee (Van for you Americans) Map reader navigator, So let the rubber meet the road, woo hoo !!! 1000k's ahead, First stop ladies bush potty break, That's right in Africa the rest stops are in the bush no real privy's for you weaklings, The ladies will really learn about ruffing it, just watch out for the thorns, scorpions and black mambo snakes ladies, Hey when in Rome right, It was actually funny knowing the bladder's one against the squeamish fears, Second stop Okahandja, This down has a real gas station rest stop, so those who wouldn't hit the bush used the toilet, But I think the bush's were cleaner and had less germs, snacks our first in Africa, Soda's no Pepsi, only coke or Africa brands, Most chose a ginger beer, which is like ginger ale without the ale part, Also this town is know for BILTONG, which is there version of beef jerky, except that they have it in every eatable African animal, real soft lightly salted, no spice or teryaki

We were on the road again, next stop Otijwarongo, never know if I'm spelling it right, but I have learned the W sounds like a V, we got gas here, the attendant pumps it, it is illegal for you to do it, 11 liters $340 ran, translation 4.5 litters are 1 gallon and $340 is $48.50 U.S. I got a strawberry cream-cycle at this stop, caught sight of our first sunset and know It was my time to drive so no writing for a few hours

Once we arrive at the missionary's house at about 9:30pm I drove for about 3 hours, what a trip, driving on the wrong/left side of the road, gear shifting with my left hand, all the controls reversed and in the dark, boy o boy they where trusting, Every time any of us men would go to signal we would turn the wipers on so that the oncoming traffic knew we we foreigners, The two things that really made it uncomfortable was not having the window sill to lean your left arm on and the seat-belt reverse rubbing you while you drive, Very very wild and fun

The meet and great was great, Mrs Shalley had pizzas waiting for us, She knew how to make us Americans feel at home, coffee and chocolate nut cookies for desert, We then unloaded and sorted all our trinkets and art supplies for the people, we also had our meeting to set our kinda sorta plan for the work, brief internet to email home and update FB, Then bed time at 2:30am alarm set for 6:30am, we got work to get too, sleep is for the lazy !!!

6:30am up and showered with hot water, this has to be the last time for this, Breakfast egg quiche and apple fritters with coffee or tea, grub over and back to the road, Did some vehicle maintenance with tools like Macgyver, They did not expect to be traveling with the world famous "Macgyver JDP" if were lucky 8 hours driving to our base camp Opuwo

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