Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mission trip to Namibia Africa: On The land

We arrive at our temporary over night accommodations, It was an African b&b in Johannesburg, It was actually quite nice, I was surprised we were even in Africa, It was more like a b&b in Tahoe or something. The room had a double bed and a single bed, nice wooden furniture, desk, dining table, TV, wifi, beautiful place all in all, the grounds had a pool, huge grilling area, a bar, a pool table, The staff all African with whites and blacks. They had a basque meal waiting for us. huge steaks, mushroom gravy, corn on the Cobb, salad stuff, a carrot dish, potato salad, a spinach dish, olives (they love em in Africa) 3 different type of breads. (As I wrote this in my journal it was apparent I was tired because this passage was all spelled wrong)

In my room now to wind down and try to sleep but I was over 9 hours behind the actual African time so this would be fun, There is a disco near to the b&b, I can here the music pumping so sleep was not really possible, I showered and hand washed my clothes for the first time and I'm sure not my last, I don't smell Just don't want to for everyone else's sake, also tomorrow will be another long day, I took an all natural sleep aide and will try to get some shut eye, put the tube on all soccer and rugby

It's 3am, Paul is fast asleep, he snores and murmurs in his sleep, we will be good bunk mates, I wish I could sleep longer but my senses are on overload, I can hear all the sounds of the outside world, sirens, trains, the club, Even though most would think I'm in a third world country this place is a large metropolis city, At dinner everyone was in good spirit thus far, we even had a few visitors, some other missionary's and some of the Kokomor's family, My clothes will still be damp when I get dressed and I guess I'm on day three, Oh and in case you were wondering I have been sitting in the tub writing tonight so not to wake my bud Paul, you know my favorite room is the bathroom any way, I must also admit I'm a little lost with out my phone, internet that works and the normal U.S.A. routine, I'm alerted by every sound and it seems to me others are struggling with sleep, I can here them trough the walls, talking, toilets flushing, some one is taking a bath, there must be a train close, every 30 minutes I can here one, A hair brush and some deodorant with tooth paste would be great, Not for me really just don't want to look a shambles for others or even stinky, I put my clothes over the electric room heater to help them dry, I already read the entire book I brought, I left a note in it, this is what I said:

"This book was purchased by Jeff Wagner to read on hs mission to Africa, I am done with it, I am from Sacramento California, you can search me out on the web if you like, Take this book on your travels, when your done leave it for someone else, I hope you have a safe journey and stay blessed signed "JDP" and the date"

Breakfast where are you I'm hungry, put my mostly dry clothes on and headed out helping others with there bags, food was great very western, eggs fried and scrambled with cheese, some sort of bacon, sausage with peppers and onions, bread for toasting, pancakes with all the normal toppings, coffee, tea, juices like orange, apple and a mango guava, which I drank with pleasure and ate everything since I thought this may be my last real meal since will be heading out to the wilderness, Load up and head to the airport !!!

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