Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mission Trip in Namibia Africa: Day 6

So morning came to me again and I thank GOD for another day, Sleep was not a strong one, The Illegal night club went until 2am and at 3 the roosters began to do what they do, In fact what is that noise they make even called, crowing, cackling, howling, calling, I'm not sure, I guess sometimes the city boy in me comes out, the cot was comfy though, The temp at night was hot but as the night went on the temp dropped, kind of like a high desert like environment, Also I had to decide what to use as my pillow, you see there wasn't enough of them and I gave mine up for one of the ladies, So use my blanket rolled up and be cold, or be warm and not use something under my head, I chose the no blanket be a little cold, I'm in Africa land of real tough men,,,

But that's not the half of the night time adventure, you see in the middle of the night I hear an old voice calling Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, I thought to my self how can I be in Kevin's dream, and Jesus is calling him and he won't wake up,,, man am I tired and now I'm going delirious, It was Bob calling through the steel window since we had our door locked, He said Dee our nurse needed help she was bitten by something on her foot, She was in severe pain and didn't know what to do, Kevin and Paul went since they were from Africa, They searched with there flashlights and found a small albino scorpion, It stung her twice on her foot, They say the small ones are the worst, be prepared for 24 hours of discomfort and maybe some swelling, but an Adult won't die.

I came to Africa prepared with some knowledge and as you know knowledge is power, Well the men loaded up the cars, the ladies prepared breakfast, eggs with spam and cheese, pancakes, we then headed to the grocery store for ice and corn maze for the tribe offering, Then drove 30-40 k's to the village of Oskorsove, I began to feel like now were in Africa, the middle of the wilderness, huts, cattle, sheep, dressed people,, naked people, half naked people, children, adults, Real Africa "JDP" is here,,, We arrived at the final little village, unloaded all the equipment, laid at the tools, the steel, generator, welder, concrete, Began working, building a building of worship, The men worked hard, the ladies tried the best they could, it was hot, and the work was hard

In the afternoon the children started to arrive from there 10-15k walk from the school, Then the women switched to teacher/art teacher mode, this was good to get them smiling and doing more what they know what to do, They played games, like duck duck goose, hopscotch, head shoulders knees and toes, and some other American childhood school games, We worked until 5 and made the trek back to camp, the ladies prepared dinner, I filled all the water jugs, buckets and went back into plumbing mode, I also worked on the missionary's truck, Learned an African mechanical trick, Grease your lug nut studs to help with the dusty conditions, I was told you do this " so in Africa so you don't have to fight to get your nuts off by hand every time you want to get them off",,, No jokes people but I thought the same thought when it was said to me,,, We ate dinner, conversed about the great day we had and split off to bed at about 11pm so good night all !!!

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