Sunday, January 23, 2011

Living and Changing

Hello all my peeps and new friends, This was a fun week work and life wise. I have found like Forrest Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" and that is so true. Most that truly know me know I'm pretty easy going But they also know I'm all or nothing. An addict for life, Literally and physically, never a maybe, unless I'm messing with you,,,HAHA,,, As the week went by some were so pleased I was able to save the day and others were angry because there world was against them and not happy to see me. I did what I usually do, Roll with the punches and keep smiling. Hopefully easing there troubles and making them smile. I always hope the light in me shines towards the lite in them, Just like in yoga. The biggest piece of chocolate came on Friday during the start of a 40 day transformation class I'm taking at Zuda Yoga. 60 Awesome people coming together for one purpose, CHANGE !!! We each had our own reasons or wants for our own personal transformation and each was beautiful. Once a bunch of strangers, now a family on a journey toward greater spiritual earthly peace.
We are on our third night, For me so far it has been smooth. I'm good with my diet, even though it has been a long road for that one. I will find it fun to try (I dislike using that word) I will find as much pure untouched, untampered foods as I can. I'm a foody who loves eating. Eating is so soothing and comforting. I always think eating a hole cherry pie is better than drinking a fifth of jack and getting high. I wouldn't get zooted now, Just lace up my sneakers and go for a run hoping for a runners high and then have one slice of homemade all natural organic pie my wonderful wife baked ( If we ever have a transformation potluck I will bring some)
So far so good, 3 days with yoga and runs, meditation and reading too. I'm excited to get back to biking to tomorrow. Any one up for a ride after 6am classes this week ??? Next week I will write about my experience with meditation. Since it's too early to pass or speak of any decisions. It did seem that I have got allot done this weekend and my mind seems clearer. Almost racing in many different ways which I think is AWESOME (also my favorite word since moving to California) Some say meditation will do that. Any one agree or disagree I would love you to chime in. Hmm LOVE that's a topic I will blog on soon, Nick,,, I know I never say it but I love you bro, I would love my peeps new and old to have an Awesomely Blessed week, I hope you become followers or future readers, Until next time this is "Jeff da Plumber" saying Shalom and Namaste !!!

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