Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meditation and Love

Alright So how's it going people, The world makes life fun doesn't it ??? 16 days in to The 40 day Zuda transformation class, What is that about,I'm changing in multiple facets. My personality is who I am, My mind can be changed, My body has issues (well really I have issues with my body) It is strong and changing. I want those tight abs, But learning it's not that important. I think because I wasn't prepared for the other changes. Like sharing my feelings more. Or even having any. As a man formerly from N.Y., my friends would always say I was heartless. I felt but hid them in order to appear strong. I'm not saying I'm sitting and crying all the time, but if so what's wrong with that it's OK if one does. Nothing has brought me there yet but I'm felling I will. However I am feeling sadness in my heart more just listening to others out side my circle. My new friend Susan shared with us recently and the first thing I did is text my wife Saying I love you and thank you. She is thinking I'm going crazy right now and that in itself is exciting, After 20 years a little extra spice is good. In fact When we had our date the night after learning about "YOGIC" eating, 20 minutes into it, she said what's up with you your quiet and you keep putting your fork down. Once I explained it to her she understood and appreciated the no talking with food in your mouth. Where was I ??? Oh yeah So Susan shared with us and I just wanted to hug her, I didn't since we are new friends and I didn't want to creep her out. But I did hug my wife so tight that evening and she said I should have hugged Susan. So Susan I owe you a hug. Everyone else Really just Love the ones you got, period !!!
So were meditating twice a day. Has or does any one else feel that this is making life more organized. I got super busy with my business, ran and went to yoga class for doubles. Not to mention all the other life chores. No slipping, I even did a double the other night and made it to a 6:30 plumbing job. The customer asked why I was so sweaty, I told them I was running to them since I thought I would be late and I'm never late. She made me a glass of iced tea,,, If she only knew I was loving my body so hard for "SICK ABS".
Back to meditating, I'm loving it even though it kind of confuses me. Should I use it as prayer time or should I use it to set my life intentions. Staying or getting back on point in life. Should my mind be silent or noisy. I have found all of the above is what meditation is (Yogi's you can correct me if I'm wrong)
Funny story to share with you, I have been meditating after my 6 mile runs. I just pushed my body and mind and 15 minutes of silence, stillness is what feels good for me. So the other night after my run about 8pm. I return back to my home, kneel on my lawn and begin meditating, It's dark the birds are settling in, the bugs are doing there thing, I can even hear the bats getting out for chow time. So I'm about 8-10 minutes in and hear a voice and it's getting louder and closer. I open one eye to look for what it is, the voice appears again, so both eyes open and in front of me about 10 feet away in the middle of the street is an older lady probably out for her nightly walk, Asking me if I was OK, Did I need help, Was I OK, She could call 911. I said no I'm fine explained I was meditating, she said she has never seen anyone do that before, I explained it helps clear my mind after the run she should try it, She thought I was strange and walked away talking to her self out loud. I was done, there was no way I could refocus but I got a great laugh and I hope you do to now.
Since I'm sharing I must explain something, I have an expressive personality so some times it may seem like I jump around in my writing, But don't worry I always get to the point. It about the journey for me not the final destination,,, Again back to my thought,
As we travel on this path together many things are clear to me. 1-you must slow down to move fast (Thanks Nick) 2-Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all (sounds like a song) 3-follow 1 and 2 closely and your life with every one in it WILL be great,,, No better yet It will be AWESOME,,, Till next time Namaste and Shalom my peeps,,, "Jeff da Plumber OUT

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