Sunday, January 16, 2011

What sort off New Years resolution should one whom believes in GOD make ???

OK so It was my Sunday to give the sermon at the Sacramento senior centers and as always what topic should I talk about. I always struggle with this since I'm a simple guy from N.Y.C. who was not raised as a scholar of the bible or the LORD. The good thing is when growing up we mature and I continue my appetite for knowledge, Here's what I said,,, Hope you enjoy it !!!

"What sort of New years resolution should a Christian make ???"

As we begin a new year already 2 weeks in, Who in the room has made a New years resolution, Many have, WHY ??? what do they or the act mean, The practice of making new year resolutions started over 3000 years ago in ancient times by the Babylonians. They believed the new year gives you a fresh start, a new beginning of sort, One can start a change. The BIBLE does not speak for or against a new years resolution, If you believe what do you chose.
Common resolutions are to quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, Manage or save money better, spend more time with family. The most common one is to lose weight and eat more healthier.
Let's start with that one, I searched the BIBLE for a passage on exercise and I found one (TIMOTHY 4:8)"For physical training is of some value, But GODLINESS has value for all things, Holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" That is a clear passage where exercise and GOD go hand in hand, JESUS cares for us to move around a bit, get the blood moving so that we will be ready to work in heaven.
Now as for Christians I have heard they will go to church more, pray daily or read the BIBLE more. Again all AWESOME goals, But in society we usually go the less spiritual way because there is no real spiritual power in making a resolution due to the year changing, as believers we should live that way each day. That is also why most resolutions fail. I searched further for spiritual validation,,, In (PHILIPPIANS 4:13) it said "I can do anything through him who gives me strength" And in (JOHN 15:5) "I am the vine, Your branches if a MAN remains in me and I in him, He will bear much fruit, Apart from me you can do nothing"
Lets set goals, Resolutions, Or simply change some bad habits. They will make us greater, But you must include GOD in them. Not written down or spoken, Just simply include HIM in your heart and spirit, Reading the bible regularly as you read the news paper or your Facebook posts, When you do this you will be successful in achieving all that you set out to accomplish. In case your afraid or scared to follow the path here is some tips I found all on the Internet for achieving goals or resolutions with the assistance of GOD,,,

1- Pray to the lord for wisdom (JOHN 1:5)
2- Pray for the wisdom as how to fulfill the goals GOD gives you
3- Rely on GOD'S strength for success
4- Find an accountability partner who will help or encourage you
5- Don't be discouraged if you fail, Instead allow them to encourage you to try harder,
Maybe they were hard and GOD was not ready for you to achieve them yet, You were not ready
6- Don't become proud or vain with out giving glory to GOD

PSALM 37:5-6 "Commit your way to the LORD, Trust in him and he will do this, HE will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, The justice of your cause like the noonday sun"

So I ask again What are your GOALS or RESOLUTIONS ???
Let us pray:
Dear GOD, LORD, FATHER, as we begin our new year making promises to you and our selves give,,, No provide us with the strength to succeed, We will thank you ahead of time and everyday for the wisdom to complete them, we will continue to give you the glory you hold in our hearts, mind and soles , THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, In the glory of our Father and everybody Say's AMEN

Thanks for reading and till next time "Jeff Da Plumber" OUT


  1. JEFF!

    Very powerful direct message. I soo needed to read this today. I am lacking in my faith and was in process of recommiting all my ways to God and trusting that He will walk with me through these tough times . God is good and Psalm 37:5,6 are the bomb verses ... I know this to be true now i have to live it daily.

    peace my friend

  2. Thanks Jeff! Thanks Tedianne. I need to re read the bible.