Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for 2011

OK so today is the first day of the new year and most make resolutions, I say just set goals because a resolution is just you wanting to change a habit and as we all know most times when you change a habit you replace it with an new habit. Calling them goals means you don't have to change any habit, You are just making your self better. You probably have heard me say this once but it is something I repeat internally all day. G.B.B. Good,,, Better,,, Best,,, Your never Good if your not Better than your Best, So go out and strive for greatness. I will present my yearly goals to you all and I Would like to see you do the same so that we will push through all that trials and tribulations of life and Have another Awesome successful year :
Goals for 2011

1. Climb to the top of Half Dome with rules: This must be done early in the year, on a moon lit night, hiking in darkness to arrive at the peak to see the sunrise
2. Learn to scuba dive
3. Finish the Iron Horse bike race
4. Win in a running race
5. Join a team
6. Go on a mission trip that will enable me to use my hands the way God intended them to be used, Building for others to make there life’s Blessed
7. Change a Mona vie Rank
8. Finish a full distance Ironman race
9. Swim from Alcatraz
10. Really Write my story
11. Lear how to meditate,,, I.e. strong yoga training
12. Learn how to play the Guitar
GOOD LUCK FRIENDS, Because I know I will need it !!! For Today Jeff da Plumber OUT

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  1. You are awesome buddy! I was thinking about the guitar too! What a trip! Happy new year man! Nick