Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogging and Facts

Another glorious week and today is Friday. So I thought I would spit some facts I have learned. Thus giving you another addition of fact Friday. Hope your learning, because I'm always searching for knowledge. By the way did any of you see my first video blog. Boy that was a learning experience, The auto repair and the video. Did anyone think my head was huge, Man I wished my arms were just 6 inches longer. Any hoot here you go...

FACT: Whopi Goldburg has no eyebrows

FACT: There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar

FACT: Coconuts kill 150 people each year, That's more than shark attack deaths

FACT: Colgate (the toothpaste) Translates in Spanish (cuelgate) which is "go hang your self"

FACT: The longest recorded swim was 2938km, It was down the missippi river in 1930 and the swimmer spent 742 hours in the water

FACT: The longest jail sentence in the united states was 10,000 years for triple murder

FACT: Jim Morrison was the first rock star to be arrested on stage

FACT: Every day 200 million couples make love, 400,000 babies are born and 140,000 people die.

FACT: 65% of people made their resolution between the 28Th of December and the new year

FACT: 84% of people make a resolution creating a new habit and 16% to break an old one

FACT: Of those who successfully achieve their resolution 40% do it on there first try

Hope you learned something, Jeff the Plumber did. As you know the more you learn the more you earn and not monetarily... I'm just sayin

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friends and Family

What's up ??? How you doin ???

Do you ever think about your friends and family. Or maybe do you have true friends and family. Of course blood is blood but can your friends be stronger than blood. These are all questions that just make you say hm, or am I just having a mental problem again. I should probably give you all some history.

To begin I'm an Irish-German 36 yr old man from N.Y.c. family is important. I met the woman of my dreams early (this year we celebrate 20 yrs). She loved me and still does, I think. Well she showed me love more than my own family and as a new yorker I was ready and destined for Manhood. This upset my folks and strained my relationship with them. Now there are other factors to this, some me, some them But what's done is done. As you know yesterday is gone, live for today cause tomorrow might not come. So I got my wife, two great children and some dogs. My own family and its no sweat. But I sometimes feel alone in this crazy world

This leads to friends love em or leave them. Both of which I have done many times over. On October 7Th 2007 when I died and was reborn about 3 months later. This too I questioned. after this moment many times when I showered I cried, men great place to do it, no one can here you and if they think they do it's just soap in your eyes.(back to my thought) I'm alone again, Most of my friends "suck" to put it bluntly. so those who are still around from that time, I love you. In fact you made the cut. You can either be proud or scared, the choice is yours. But now I need new friends, Work on me and they will come RIGHT...

Then you find new friends and your care full, Can they become stronger than family ??? Is that wrong or is that the facts of life. Right now my new friends are Awesome. We are all living with the right mindset. Growing and becoming stronger everyday. If one asked for help, I'm on it. Can that change, Of course But again is it wrong ??? I can't know everything So I guess you have to just Love those who you want to and those who you don't want to. Whether there family or friends who become family, I'm saying for me they're the same and maybe some day my family( not my wife, children, dogs They're all AWESOME) will want my love again. To my friends and you all know who you are, I love you. For all others you decide, this dude has love for you too... I'm just sayin

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hows your GOALS going ???

Today is January 21st ,so 21 days in to the new year. Are you still on mark for completing your goals. Do you still have your passion to complete your resolutions. Stay strong and remember one step at a time. When it comes to goals Clarity is power.

I have a bunch of friends who are keeping me going. One needs to tell some one you goals or desires. Then you may find out that they are trying to do exactly what you are. If you haven't wrote them down then DO IT and then post them online, hang them on your mirror, or desk, or front door. No matter how hard or easy they are you need to be reminded of them every day. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results yet, your body knows. It did not get that way overnight, It is a two way street so keep moving. Even if your trying to break a habit, those don't start over night. It takes a minimum of 21 days to even put a dent in them. Keep your chin up !!!

Also I must call some people out. First Dan Johnson, Good job staying focused. you are well on your way to your goal. Keep walking and working out. I can see your weight loss and your new sneakers are rocking. Soon Rebecca will have to put a GPS on you to keep the ladies away. Nick clark and Jenn Lindsay Keep running and posting your videos. I watch every one and I'm sure others watch too. Even though your both athletes keep running because I'm training hard so look out !!!

And finally my wife, Your doing great. For some one who hasn't run since she was 23 maybe... Your totally on target, Just keep it going and I will gladly run by your side for the rest of my life. WELL Just maybe behind you... I"m just sayin

Monday, January 18, 2010


So yesterday Sunday the 17Th 2010 I have to give a sermon at 2 senior centers. Well I don't have too I was asked too. Another thing in life I have learned is if someone whom is trained in the book of higher power asks you for or to do something, In good faith you say yes. Ex specially if you have been to heaven a couple of times in life so far(Awesome story but I'm saving that one for the book)

I arrive at 9:30 am at the first place, Which is filled with Alzheimer and dementia precipitants. And I'm the one to give them a message Funny right !!! Well maybe only funny if you know me personally, But I'm prepared, My reading is from MARK 10:17-31, Which starts with the words "rich young man" It basically talks about that when one dies one must be willing to sacrifice all. Thus being rewarded with eternal life in heaven. Read it sometime and see if you get the same message. That's what makes life so Awesome, we all see things different or the same. It's powerful any way you look at it

know I have to go onto How to translate this to everyday life: When one believes in GOD, WE may go through the motions, but in the end it requires total sacrifice. Examples: on a holy holiday the church get totally filled up, yet the week after it's empty except from the true believers. Or when you see a war movie and their in the fox hole believing and praying for GOD, yet 15 minutes prior they seemed atheist. Or when your on a plane and it's mad turbulence and you see a person praying for god, yet before you saw them board there is no way they believed.

YOU cannot believe just at the end, Yes HE will take you but HE will also decide when who goes first and who comes last. YOU can not just believe when your suffering or in pain at the end. It must encompass you all the time, every second, every day Because truly in the end HE chooses our order. GOD is watching HE is listening. When you don't get the answer or decision your looking for. YOU didn't ask mother may I properly so try again. Do not give up Hope. Have FAITH and HE will always respond "AND in the age to come, eternal life. But many who are first will be last and the last first"

All this coming from the Plumber from NY city. I will always confess I'm no way a perfect person. Nor have I always been a good guy. But I know deep down I did what I had too, Just To survive and I know those who are reading this did the same. WE all must make choices in life "EAT or be EATEN". If I'm going to eat I will choose to hurt those who are really bad and I will help those whom truly need my hands for they are always good. SO on this day and every other you decide your path. The choice is and always yours to choose, make it the right one and who knows what that is. Only HE knows. I will Hope to see you at the end, Or as we say SEE you at the top... I'm just sayin

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Normally on Friday I would have posted some facts I learned during the prior week. Thus showing my journey for more knowledge in this world. Because as we all know knowledge is power. So I have a topic to babble about, But first some facts on animals and you will soon see why !!!

FACT: The first bomb dropped on Berlin in WWII killed the only elephant in the Berlin zoo

FACT: If you put a drop of liqueur on a scorpion it will sting its self to death

FACT: A fill grown grizzly bear can bite through a piece of steel an inch thick

FACT: Parrots play practical jokes on each other

FACT: A vulture can fly 6 hours without flapping it's wings

FACT: The owl is the only bird to drop it's eyelid to wink while other birds raise their lower eyelid

FACT: Dogs and cats are right and left pawed just like humans

OK so while you were reading the cool animal facts, You were probably thinking were is Jeff the Plumber going with this ??? So I watched a documentary on HBO last night called "I'm an animal, Ingred Newkirk" . Has any one seen it, If not look for it. I say this for a multitude of reasons. The piece focuses on Ingrid whom is the founder and owner of PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals).

First great cause but not the best advocate. They have an operating budget of over 15million a month, Waste ,I think, do you ?. I'm sure the ASPCA could use that money better. Second we live in this world were we shouldn't pass judgement on others. If someone wants to walk around in a fur so be them. We are animals too NO???, so third Eat or be Eaten. If one chooses to eat meat and I mean any meat product, eat it. While I have chosen to quit eating red meat and pork. This was no reason for you. I do aggree that the killing of such animals should be a little more Humane. But we are the dominent species, It's just a fact. And lastly if you watch it you will see two things Ingrid says shes an athiest, and wears a leather coat. Now if you see this whole flic you will see her and her staff talking about and thanking god several times, Athiest (Sure how did we all get here animals and all) I think not GOD is great and he is Everywhere. Also if your an animal activist a leather coat or shoes are a no no. Just a little hipocritical, Chime in ,please don't be shy

Animals do need to be protected and treated properly, Supported the ASPCA or some other charity like the GRACE Foundation. But Leather is just a way of not wasting. EAT meat or don't its your choice, That's why we live in this world with freedom of choice. If you want to wear fur do it, I think it's tacky but I'm not you and that's what makes life great. We all make choices everyday so just think of the weaker animals when you do it !!! ... I'm just sayin

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First I have to thank my TA who yesterday gave me an Awesome fact on my current mental state. It's called PSMD (I think) and we can all have it. Also THANKS to those who reached out I will call on you when the I can not fight the demons. I did hear allot about how yesterday the weather will affect moods, And how Seattle has one of the highest number of suicides. Trust me people I wasn't going there. But it does make sense my love of yellow, Being the sunshine all the time and making others smile.

So on to the topic that's irking my spirit. Please fell free to chime in when I'm complete, it helps me with my personal writings.Blogging is just supposed to be your personal thought written for all to see. A way for you heart and spirit to open up. You guys do want an Awesome book to read from the plumber, RIGHT.

Lately I been faced with a situation in my personal life. People or whom I thought were friends making choices which show who they really are. I know sometimes life just leads two people in different directions, I get that. Take off and grow, I wish the best to you. BUT Just because you breathing doesn't mean your living.

I don't mean to take my thoughts always towards a spiritual way, But I am who I am and if there"s one thing I have learned in life be true to who you are. So if you must be fearless and think you can be happy, DO it. But know beyond a shadow of my doubt GOD love all. OH and he forgives each and every day. BUT in the end HE chooses every ones position in the after life. IF all you want to be is worm food, your on the right path. If you want to rejoice, frolicking through the fields of happiness, Think about your actions a little deeper. Don't always believe the hype. There is no easy path to fortunes. It will come, when of course you get blessed. GOD is always watching !!!

SO just know in life your NETWORK determines your NETWORTH Keep no squares in your circle... I'm just sayin

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Do you ever feel or wish you were alone. It's about 4 days now and I'm totally in a funk. Over a week ago I thought I knew what was lurking in the darkness, aaah wrong. Because simply I'm still feeling it. As you know we in society we always give this blah feeling a title "depression". I don't think I'm depressed but maybe I am. Do you know were I'm coming from ???

One can not live without some sort of HOPE and FAITH. I know isolation is a sickness. It says in Genesis 2:18 "It is not good that man should be alone". Or in the words of Max lucado "Giants we must face them, But we need not face them alone" Ask for help. Does one go to God every time our body's chemical balance is off. It's confusing I pray often and treat everyone good even when I'm not. So what's up I ask ???

Did you know V. Harvner said that "snowflakes are frail but put enough of them together and you can stop traffic" I guess sometimes one will run into walls which we personally built up in our own life. So it becomes our job to carry the sledge hammer and break it down. But we must ask for help or help others. Ralph Martson said "if you want to climb higher, then lift others up". Life is confusing, ask for help, help others. We all may have our own personal demons, But one must stay strong. Meditation over Medication. I guess these are the times in ones life were one must reach down to the bottom of your sole and simply just know, Finding Hope in our darkest days makes the rest of our lives simple !!!

THANKS for reading and letting me vent or reflect on my pain. I'm always here for you guys or gals out there, we will HELP each other. Go out and and attack this thing we call life. Stay strong cause I will... I'm just sayin

Sunday, January 10, 2010


What's up everyone ??? So since my last post, The world has seemed all over the place. Which in turn has had me emotionally all over the place. Now that in itself for me as a manly man got me. Well because as a man we are taught never show we are weak, or pomp-ass or just feeling blahh. And sometimes even when were happy we must hide it so we are not attacked by those who are jealous of our success. But I don't care, I have wanted to cry and jump up and down like a little kid going to Disney in the last 2 days.
Quite frankly I think it MPMS, That right I said it Male PMS. Why can't we as dudes occasionally have a hormonal imbalance. Which messes with our emotions and we get moody. Then the world gets a 1/4 bubble off and we get worse. Our loved one ask us what's up and of course we hide it or we shout out at them in anger to hide really how were feeling. Because again as dudes we have to guard our emotions. They will think were weak and that can never happen, RIGHT or WRONG.

Which makes it funny, I will give some examples and you decide. First Your favorite sports team losses the championship, cry maybe, maybe not. You bid the job of the century and get it, or not. Do you high five your bud or have a silent moment alone kicking your self. You score with your lady, or not, Do you lay there with a cool aide smile or spoon after. These I know are signs of weakness or some triumph and that's OK. I realize as a man we can not be the rock all the time. We are not weak we are just real and it's not our fault it's just MPMS. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
LIFE is like riding a bicycle in order to keep BALANCE you must keep pedaling. Fast or slow it doesn't matter you decide... I'm just sayin

Friday, January 8, 2010

Knowledge is Power

Today is Friday and I thought I try something new. Since it's my blog I guess there are no rules. Since I've told people that every day you don't learn something new that day is wasted. I'm going to share some things I have learned over the last week. Some may be funny or scientifically or just a stat. So don't judge, Just open your mind and enjoy a moment in Jeff the Plumbers mind.

Fact: It is possible for a cow to go up stairs but not down.

Fact: J.K. Rowling is wealthier than the queen of U.k.

Fact: Chuck Norris's real name is Carlos Ray Norris

Fact: It is possible to start a fire by rapidly rubbing two ranch Doritos together (I would like to see Les Stroud the survivor man pull that one off)

Fact: Abraham lincoln went to school for less then a year, He taught himself to read a write.

Fact: Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin both married first cousins and Researchers in Canada have found that there brains were 15% wider than normal (and they were smarter then us that don't seem possible, I'm just sayin)

Fact: Irish coffee was invented in San Francisco
Fact: 7-11 sell approximately 10,00 pots of coffee an hour
( I wonder hoe many shots of Monavie are pored)

Ladies here's some facts so you will understand us men, Fact: children who are breast fed are Proven to be smarter than those who are not. (see were just trying to obtain more knowledge) and Fact: the pupil of the eye expands as much as 45% when a man looks at softening pleasing.(again just stimulating our mind, hoping fact number one will come true) Every day 200 million couples make love, 400.000 babies are born and 140,00 people die ( Hopefully from making love, because if your gonna go why not with a bang... I'm just sayin)

Fact: The sound you hear when one cracks there knuckles is nitrogen bursting in there joints
Fact: The sound you hear when you put a seashell up to your ear is not the ocean, It's the sound of your blood flowing (Those 2 are Awesomely fascinating)

One last one, Fact: Laughing lowers levels of stress and strengthens you immune system. So today go out and laugh a Little. Have a great no AWESOME day and know the more you learn the more you earn, Knowledge is power... I'm just sayin

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outlook on the Darkness

Hello all, Today I a woke with a super Awesome spirit. But that lurking unknown feeling was still present. Not to worry Jeff I said to myself, I am prepared. Yesterday I prayed many times and when in doubt rely on faith. Besides the big man got my back, I hope !!!

So I went to the Arden Arcade successful thinkers meeting. Keeping in mind stay positive and BAM it happens. I must continue to be me. I first meet a Awesome lady named Ling Tseng. We converse and she is into fueng shai and positive energy. Then I meet Chelsea Chase and we also converse. She is a woman who is spiritual and gives me an Awesome way to get grounded in life.We have an Awesome FB lesson from Raj. I begin to leave and who do I see Shay Wheat. I start to see a pattern of powerful woman. Now realizing every conversation so far today was with Awesome strong ladies. Don't worry Jenny, Debbi, Kim I didn't forget you gals, All Awesome. So now I head off to my first meeting, Susan Boyce again Awesome convo, Building towards something.

Every appointment today ladies all sharing positivity and I'm soaking it in. My phone rings and It's a woman who I just met inviting me to a power mixer tonight. That she proceeds to tell me I must attend, Thanks Mati Rosa. I attend this meeting and I find myself under dressed. Everyone in attendance is suited up and I'm feeling my self doubt coming on, and BAM again it happens !!!

I'm the shining light in a room of darkness. Everyone has there shades on (metaphorically speaking) but begins to approach me one by one, removing there shades in relief. They need me and there mostly women Realtors. Some have heard of me from other mixers and word of mouth. Awesome mixing works again I tell my self. Stay true to who you are and it will always shine thru. I do what I have to do so I can do what I want to do. I've been told not to generate much pride. Remain humble and the LORD will raise you up. That lurking feeling gone, I was being tested !!!

I hope you got something from this, otherwise I'm just rambling again. If so I'm sorry, But I'm in an Awesome great place right now. So I leave you with this, It's not where one lives it's how one lives. To live without FAITH and HOPE is pure IGNORANCE...I'm just sayin

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mother may I ???

Yesterday and now today I feel off, out of balance. Weird ,I swear to you I feel like something is lurking in the dark back round. Just waiting to pounce. It reminds me of that childhood game mother may I. You know were you ask the leader can I take one giant step and they say yes you can. Then you ask if you can take three tiny steps they say yes you can. then you ask for a jumping leap and they sat no !!!

So not to get spiritual or nothing I have prayed extra hard today. I'm feeling like the mother may I character in life is GOD and I'm not always asking the mother may I question correctly. Does anyone out there feel were I'm coming from. I hope so other wise I'm just writing for me and him, THE BIG GUY and that's all right

They say the secret of attraction is to love yourself. Maybe that's it, I have been dwelling on my Saturdays performance. Not really loving myself, Silly huh. I know in life if you have a family and they look at you for direction you must be the Rock not the Marsh mellow, Being frivolous, careless, immature is never the answer. Quite frankly never a good look. I am the rock everyday just on Saturday when I was done I hadn't felt that....We are truly our worst critic "ARRGH"

Maturity that's what it is. The light bulb just went off. Ones maturity begins to grow when you can sense the concerns of another beginning to outweigh the concern of yourself. We/I am growing everyday, sometimes we must pay close attention to those around us. They are holding out their hand to help or guide us because we are their rock. I can not fail, I did not fail
Thank you for reading this. I just shared an emotional moment out loud and feeling much relief right now. But I still feel that shadow lurking, I am strong and so are you and when it come We will be ready. Just keep growing,learning,loving and feeling. Because sometimes you got to go out on a limb, That's were all the fruit IS... I'm just sayin

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Your key to complete manifestation, Dream it then do it. This I find is the only way, staying active will inspire others.

When I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to do this duathlon, I really didn't care if they did, I was going to with or with out them. They all did though.

I prepared a bike for Jenn, who has no real experience shifting gear. But kept moving on a course that had major grade changes, She's an Awesome funsize woman.

Nicole who despite previous injuries ran as much as she could and then stood at the finish sections and cheered like no other, Truely Awesome.

Ben an athlete who doesn't try to show you how he's stronger than you, Just keeps going with the flow and speaks positivity to everyone, Awesome.

Nick, I had asked him prior to stay by my side. So that he would push me to move faster. He didn't the natural athlete in him couldn't. He's a winner and once a winner always a winner. He tried his very best the first 2 mile run, but once on his bike he was like lightning.

frankly that was OK because it inspired me to keep moving, Awesome Oliver. Your an Awesome friend and a great brother, thanks.
My wife who cheered loudly at every finish line section, grabbing inspiration from each and every athlete whizzing by, Awesome. I look forward to running with you in March my LOVE, and I will stay with you the whole race. Like you have stayed by my side for the last 20 years... I LOVE YOU

Now me I finished, 1 hour 28 minutes 34 seconds. A time quite frankly I'm not proud of. Some say Awesome you finished, but I guess we are all our best and most judgemental critic. My head wasn't totally in it. First I forgot my bike helmet, and my bike pump broke. So i rode on half full tires. The course was hilly, and I'm riding a modified mountain bike. It's last race, number 2 on my goals list will be done this week. Look out Oliver, I will soon challenge you. I broke a race rule of not using the restroom before the race. Your body will always let you know of this race foul. 15 minutes lost in the silly blue room. Kicking my self in my virtual butt and thinking of Vinny's blue room story. Then trying to get my head back, But I was inspired seeing my friends running a race which I inspired them to do. AWESOME did I say AWESOME well it was. Next time join us there is always room for one more... I'm just sayin

Saturday, January 2, 2010


"The world belongs to the enthusiastic believer. Stability is a very available emotion. The door is open and we close it everyday. We decide the life we live" Jeff the Plumber M.M.
So today starts the year of athletic chalenges. We meaning Nick,Jen,Ben,Nicole and I are doing a duathlon. For those that don't know it's when one run then bikes then runs some more. The distance you ask 2 mile, 8 mile, 2 mile. Why you say, I don't know cause when you think about it seems like a fruitless waste of time. But it's 5am and I am up before 5 writing this, so I'm a little pumped and excited. Maybe because I'm crazy, yes I will give you that. Or maybe it's for the Bigmac I'm going to treat myself to if we finish in less than 1 and a half hours. I don't know you decide. In fact it kind of breaks my resolution of not eating red meat in 2009. But that was last year and this is a new year. Besides I'm probably swearing off all meat this year just fish and eggs. So one bigmac won't hurt, well it probably will crush my stomach. One has to try, live out side your box. Everyday is a new day, stick to your relutions or goals, the big guy is watching. I'm just sayin...

Friday, January 1, 2010

First blog post of 2010

Happy New Year, First I must give props to the greatest T.A. Dj. Acai for helping me to start a blog, without you I would feel lost in the 21st century. Now for those who may read this, I'm sorry for misspelling and incorrect grammar. I'm the plumber who barely graduated high school due to creating life and her being born 3 days before my 18th birthday. Thus having to be a real man and growing up way before I felt I was ready. Thanks again Ashley, your an Awesome woman now and daddy will always love you. To my wife of 20 this year, Here's to 20 more I love you. Jeff number 2 keep your chin up and remember the more you learn the more you will earn.

So now onto my goal, This is a new year and lets start it off right. The past is the past, One can and must learn from your mistakes. As we all know knowledge is power, But what you do with it is the key. Grow every day, stretch beyond your limits. A day that one does not learn is waisted. Just learn something new every day, Irregardless of what it is JUST LEARN. Live and think outside your box on this one. There are times to have restraint and be in the box, But it's way more fun being free. I will try to enlighten you with some positive thought provoking blabber. Occasionally facts that I have learned, Helping you with your knowledge. Or possibly just how the day as the plumber was. So just so you out there know I'm serious here is my goals for 2010. Feel free to hold me accountable, I'm quite alright with that, In fact it it challenges me. LIFE IS A FLUSH, And can end any time. Live it to the fullest, I'm just sayin...

2010 goals

1 – COMPETE IN A TRIATHLON, All ready signed up and paid for one September 11th 2010. If that aint a sign It will be in Rancho seica and I will do smaller others to prepare !!!


3- RUN A MARATHON , This one will be scary and hard I’m afraid I can’t stay focused

4-CLIMB TO THE TOP OF HALFDOME, This will be fun, But needs some rules Like starting out before dawn on a full moon day

5-CHANGE AT LEAST ONE MONAVIE RANK , This must be before
my birthday on April 11th 2010 37th

6-START TO WRITE, This can be a blog or book or both BUT write period

7- BODY SHAPE CHANGE, I don’t mean lose weight or anything, Simply tone up. Looking more like Mathew Mcconahey

8- RACE A MAJOR BIKE RACE, That makes number two pretty important !!!

9- LEARN TO SCUBA DIVE, Then next year swim with sharks

10-CONTINUE TO LOVE AND APPRECIATE MY WIFE, 2010 makes it 20 years, so lets make it count. With out you I wouldn’t be alive now, THANKS !!!

This year will be a year of continous change for the better. This will be hard to gauge but if I complete 1 thru 10 on this list I’m sure this year will be an ADVENTURE. Let’s go get the brass ring in 2010