Friday, April 30, 2010

I thought today was Thursday ???

All right so All week I have been a day off. Where does that come from ??? Probably just wanting to do more work because I'm having a blast. Life rocks am I right or right. So what have you been up too world peeps. I have spent the week taken care of other peoples problems and none of mine. But that's OK some times one has to take a week off. Well I forgot I did do yoga this week. It is and was AWESOME, while your practicing it feels good, Mental and physical. Practicing with hot yoga is the only way, you need to try it if you've never. Getting your sweat on with a bunch of strangers, then once class is over you all feel as one entity in harmonic spirit. I know in life it's hard to let things go. But boy if you don't during yoga, why bother doing yoga. I even let a dude touch my face with the eucalyptus oil at the end before Namaste prayer. OK so the guy is Kinda cute and AWESOME.Even still one must let things go and breathe. So I got some facts for ya this week, even my reading pattern was strange this week. Maybe a sign of not working out, Hhmmm.... enjoy !!!

FACT: Giraffes can yawn, Virtually all warm blooded animals can, Even fish

FACT: Rats can't throw up, they are poison resistant but edible poisons work on them since they can't regurgitate it

FACT: Tall people earn $789 per year per inch more than shorter people (I should ask for a raise and sorry Jenn your Funsize)

FACT: Traffic lights were invented before cars and they burned gas. Also the would sometimes explode causing massive fires

FACT: A grape will explode in the microwave (try it I did and it was a hoot)

FACT: Most people (65%) tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of left

FACT: The word "Facetiously" is the only word if you count Y with all the vowels in order

Fact: In "grease" the movie where Rizzo sings about Elvis was actually filmed on the day he died (Yikes, creepy)

FACT: The dye for blue M&M's can help treat spinal injuries, side affect blue colored skin

Fact: Want to prevent razor burns or bumps ??? use snail mucus (look it up it's cool)

So ten facts for you. I learned way more but you have to go out there and explore the world wide web on your own. Remember knowledge is power and the more you learn the more you earn, Mentally I always mean. Alright I will give you your Question What does Genophobia mean ??? "Jeff the Plumber" OUT

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life's trials and struggle

OK I will first apologize for the lack of a new post. My life has dragged me in every which direction. Some my fault, some others. That is no excuse or complaint, Nor am I whining. For I know that's what life is about, a journey. If you except the challenge in the end you will be rewarded. So I went on a most fabulous cruise with my wife, ran a 5k and then a triathlon. All pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. The time with my wife was wonderful, but the down time, yikes. I'm not one to sit and relax, even though I have moments were I just think it would be fun to be lazy. That's not me. Then my buddy Oliver says hey lets run a 5k on my birthday. Sure that sounds like fun, Any way you can push ones spirit and thank the big man for another day alive is AWESOME, right or right. Then the triathlon on Sunday the 18Th. First this is not me trying to impress you, But it was way exciting for me. For those that don't know, It's when you swim then bike then run. The distances vary depending on what sort of race your doing. This was a sprint, Which is swim a 1/2 mile, bike 16 miles, and run 4 miles. This is my second try at this distance. On the last in October I finished around 2hrs 35-38 minutes. This time 1:58:58, that's near 40 minutes faster. A lot of training was done, so I needed time in my my life and the blog was something that took the hit. But I still read every day and learned tons of facts for you so here you go:

FACT: Avocado is poisonous to birds (Boy do they taste good to us, Hey did you know before I came to Cali I had didn't know that guacamole was made from Avocado, TRUTH)

FACT: "Goodbye" came from a middle English phrase "GODbwdye" which is short for "GOD be with ye" (makes me want to say good bye more often)

FACT: 80% of millionaires drive used cars (what wasn't said in this fact they are all classics)

FACT: If you received all the gifts from the "12 days of Christmas" you would have 364 presents (That true love must have been daddy Warbucks, hehe !!!)

FACT: Newborns cry but have no tears until we are a month old and Sugar is the only taste humans are born with and always craving (so if your on a diet you can cry and have a real excuse for the chocolate cravings)

FACT: It is illegal to not drink milk in Utah (This one puzzled me and my research didn't give me a good answer so if you know something chime in)

FACT: 17 tons of gold is used for wedding rings in the U.S. each year (and now you can sell it on t.v. for cash money, what does that say about marriage ???)

FACT: Camels originally came from North America (that animal fascinates me)

FACT: Neptune hasn't orbited the sun since it was discovered in 1846 and won't until 2011 (science rocks)

FACT: The Sahara desert goes with out rain for years but has one recorded history of snow (Amazing, Right or Right)

FACT: 7% of Americans think Elvis is still alive, and the body that is buried is actually a wax model. Also 2 hours before his death Elvis boarded an airplane to Buenos Aires going by the name John Burrows (This is one I Kind of believe to, Guess I'm one of the 7%, Also he's hanging out with Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Janice Joplin)

I hope you learned from me once again. Just know If you don't learn something new every day it was a wasted day. Getting one fact every day for me makes it a complete day, Even if I read for 10 minutes a day it's learning something. Knowledge is always power. Why do we live ??? If not to learn and grow. One last tid bit/puzzle. The act of french kissing has different names in other countries. But what does it mean in Australia ??? Go out there and attack you brain with the world... "Jeff the Plumber" OUT

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fact Friday 4-2-2010 A little late but worth the wait

So as usual another week has passed, and a full one it was. I had no me time this week. Now I'm not trying to sound selfish But I feel like I let my peeps down. No blogs, No facebook updates, Hardly no mixers, Just plumbing. I guess that's pretty good since I am last time I was checked the plumber. How are you doing on your goals so far ??? we are 4 months in, I have 5 done so far and 5 left. I better get busy. This next week is gonna be a lot of fun, It's my 20Th wedding anniversary, my daughters 19Th birthday and my 37Th birthday. Two of those things are really important one not so much. But life is all good. As you read my facts this week you may see some pattern to my readings this week, I will leave that for you to have some fun with !!!

FACT: Hawaii is the only U.S. where coffee is grown commercially
FACT: When you watch a sun set, the horizon is approximately 3 miles away from the point you stand (and it's really romantic)
FACT: 4 billions seconds is 127 years
FACT: It is illegal to hunt a camel in Arizona (are there camels running wild in Arizona ???)
FACT: A mosquito is more likely to bite a blonde over a brunette (now we no who is sweet and who is soar)
FACT: The sound of E.T. walking on film was someone squishing there hands in Jello (Hope Bill Cosby wasn't watching)
FACT: All planets revolve counterclockwise except Venus (scientists think it was hit by an asteroid, But we all know that's where woman come from)
FACT: SEX is a pain reliever, 10 times more effective then Valium, it also helps prevent flu and colds, This is due to the release of pheromones (so get your freak on for better health, just practice safe sex)
FACT: Want to make your man part look larger, Throw out the pills and go on a diet !!! (That's right boys I told you to lose some weight and you can gain an inch) PS. this is a true scientific fact look it up
FACT: One tablespoon of semen contains less than 20 calories and help prevent depression (this one helps women first and the men after)
FACT: Beauty pageant women use WD-40 to keep there clothes from sticking to their bodies (And why do men love it ???)
All right I'm done playing I got one last tid bit slash fact. Yawning is contagious, even THINKING about it will be enough, After reading this fact there is a 50% chance you will yawn. Sorry I bored you to sleep... I'm just saying "Jeff the Plumber" OUT