Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day !!!

So today is fathers day, Last week at church I was asked to give the Sunday 5 minute sermon at the senior centers. I had intended to do the dads run 10k here in Sacramento, But have realized sometimes one makes choices with the "BIG MAN" as your tour guide. This week was a rough one with a hundred toilets installed and my normal job calls. Then of course family commitments, Friends needing some love. Oh and don't forget the normal life errands. It didn't leave much time to write a sermon. I did the best I could, Here it was...June 20th 2010
As you may or may not know today is fathers day. Can we take a moment to remember our fathers present or in the after life. They gave us life and we must respect that. Every single day we share in this world we must thank them for our breath. Especially on this day we honor them, Love them, and send them our blessings.
Todays reading is short but has much meaning if your mind is open to my interpretation.
"your sons will take the place of your fathers. You will make them princes throughout the land" Psalm 45:16
The verse occurs in a psalm about the lord Jesus Christ. I believe the "YOU" being addressed here is GOD our heavenly father. The sons are Christ's followers . The verse then refers to the fathers, they are the saints that have passed before. They are the fathers in our faith. The "psalm-ists" tell us that GOD the king will have the followers take the place of the faith and he will make them princes throughout the lands.
We as followers of Christ here this morning have a calling. If you have given your heart to Jesus, then you are the sons mentioned. You are to take the place of such greats as Moses, Joshua, Isiah, Ezekian, and John the Baptist, just to name a few. I don't know what you think But that's some pretty good company, Our fathers in FAITH. GOD your father is going to make you a prince. That's one serious promise, Stay true to your beliefs in the lord, Our GOD and the Holy spirit's. At no time Don't think even for one minute that God's princes look anything like those we see today in our living world, on T.V. or in the papers. God's princes are his and his alone. Not ours in our world.
On any day but especially today, Fathers day I will share an acronym, Six attributes of a "FATHER" (F)aithful (A)ble (T)rue (H)umble (E)ternal (R)ighteous
GOD our heavenly father and Christian fathers,,,
Let us pray silently for our father's ,,,, Amen
Well that was a moment with "Jeff Da Plumber" Peace to yall ... out

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can you learn new things ???

So I got allot on my plate right now. I have in life always searched for balance. Is there such a thing ??? With Family, job 1, job 2, friends, workouts, and of course some volunteer time,,, There is no time. I could keep going on, I mean just the Facebook, Mafia wars addiction is a time waster. But I can't let my peeps or followers down. I continue to push through, I continue to read and learn. So here you go this weeks addition of general tid bits and truthful facts:
FACT: Blueberries are actually purple,,, Silly but true
FACT: Oysters can change there sex(gender) back and forth.
FACT: The stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.
FACT: At exactly 06 minutes 07 seconds after 5 o'clock on August9th 2010 it will be 05:06:07:08/09/10 This won't happen until the year 3010 (How did you like that one you Analytical's out there ???)
FACT: Maine is the only one state with one syllable.
FACT: An eyelash lives about 150-200 days before it fall's off.
FACT: As a punishment for misbehavior Thai cops have to wear pink Hello Kitty armbands.
FACT: There are more cows in India than cars in the United States, I LOVE MY COW !!!
FACT: Lewis Carroll Author of Alice in wonderland had a rare disorder that caused weird hallucinations.(Wait isn't that Alice in wonderland ???)
FACT: The "57" on the Heinz bottle doesn't stand for anything, it was chosen because Henry J Heinz wanted to impress people. (He had me with the Ketchup !!!}
I gave you ten things I learned this week. Now sometimes they are weird or super interesting. I learn more but try to keep the boring disgusting ones to myself. OK one more hands on fact, Try taking 2 straws, put them in your mouth, put one in a glass of water and one outside the glass, Then try to suck or drink the water. It's nearly impossible. If you can do it your in the wrong profession... "Jeff da Plumber" OUT

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facts on Saturday since I have been a slacker

So I have been so busy with this bicycle thing and all the normal life procedures I have been slacking. But at no time do I ever stop searching for knowledge. One can't and should never stop learning. Search for something new each day. You control your path. Sometimes we may not like the road were on. But you are always the passenger going where you should. Now when you stop your in control. Just stay true and have some Hope and faith. So onto some facts:
FACT: The color red does not make bulls go crazy, They are actually color blind
FACT: Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev holds the world record for time travel, Shocking,,, He traveled .02 seconds into the future (Look it up it's fascinating)
FACT: There is an English word with no vowels "CRWTH" Its a strange ancient instrument pronounced "Crooth"
Fact: From the depth of real plumbing truth Baby Koalas eat their moms poop (Again look it up)
FACT: Siberian Salamanders freeze solid and still survive !!!
FACT: In Japan they have square watermelons
FACT: Lions sleep 20 hours a day
FACT: Dolphins breathe air so when they sleep they shut half their so they use less oxygen
FACT: Jupiter is made of the lightest gases but is the heaviest planet in our solar system
FACT: The Statue of Liberty's feet are 25 feet long, making her U.S. shoe size 879
As usual I'm just bringing you into my world. As you can see sometimes its animals or fruit or weird world facts. Search them out we all have our own ticks. Google some of my facts to learn more if they interest you. Most are fascinating, Of course that's my opinion. But since you are reading this you want to hear from the plumber. Till next time, Keep it real and remember The more you learn the more you earn... "JdP" OUT

Life and my normal knowledge

What's up everyone ??? If you know me real well I'm in a down mood right now. My life in the last few weeks has been a total adventure. My family and friends have been AWESOME. I know I'm my own worst critic and I let the small stuff eat my insides. Were told don't sweat the small stuff. Or just let it go. I know that!!! If today is a cloudy day the sun will be out tomorrow. Maybe I should just totally let you in. Even though you may think I wear my heart on my sleeve, I hold back a little. I can't ever seem weak or vulnerable. So here you go sharing my adventure out loud the Inside of the plumber you don't see due to me being a masculine manly man.
It all started a few weeks ago when I knew the Ironhourse Bicycle race was approaching. Did I train hard enough ??? Who knows,,, but 70 miles in 3 hours is fast isn't it. I feel as fit as I have ever been since I was 18. And of course now I'm clean, drug and alcohol free. Living life as pure as I can, maybe and you soon find out why I question myself. We leave for Durango Colorado. I say we meaning my Lovely wife, My adopted sister Jenn Lindsey, And Nick Clark my best buddy, health mentor and honorary brother. We are ready for the big show. A bicycle race like no other in a town where I never been. Oh and at elevation, great for the flatlander. I'm pumped and ready. We roll into town and low and behold I'm riding with the mayor. Every one knows nick and his family. It has begun, I can't fail or I will let down the mayor. This is my mind working me. Also everyone we meet and tell about the race talks about the negatives. (we all know negativity brings negativity... RIGHT) OK blow it off live in the positive.
Now we arrive at Nicks childhood home. I meet his mom Rose, A beautiful, loving, nurturing, fit, compassionate women. Now I now why Nick is Nick. Plus I get this all from Rose in the first half hour. WOW her name fits her, a rose soft, delicate, beautiful, full of color, with just enough thorns to protect it. A MOM... period. We begin to celebrate. Other family and friends arrive. Grandpa Dominic, an salty dog who lives with faith and old school knowledge. Aunt Pat(pete) much more outspoken then her sister Rose, She's Like my aunts, I love her immediately. Her sons and Nicks buds J.R. and younger brother Jeffrey. Both awesome kind hearted men whom I would hang with and help any way I could in life. Definite cool dudes. Then Brian and his fiancé(I'm sorry her name escapes me. she was so quiet and polite)Brian was also very serious and restrained. But I knew he had that party animal inside. He just conformed to fit into this world we live in. Always awesome when one controls there inner spirit, good job Brian. All great company, which made me think about Home,,, N.Y. that is. The demons have infiltrated my head 100%.
The bike race morning starts at 2:30am for me 5:45 for everyone else. Can't sleep, the butterfly's won't quiet down and get in order. OK I'm strong, fit, I trained. We eat and suit up. Peddle to the start line. I'm feeling Nausea so bad I can't decide which way to release it. (I know gross but I am the Plumber) Nick and I start and stay together for a few miles. I slack off because I want him to do this for him not me. He is off like a race car, good, win it bro. Then maybe 3 miles in we almost have a crash, people clip tires and I almost eat it. But again training saves me. Then about 8 miles in I pull over and hurl, upchuck, spill cookies, spurge, pray to the imaginary porcelain god (just couldn't resist, the plumber again) Now it's on and it's the hardest feat I have ever done. Head down, muscle threw the pain, and don't let lack of oxygen weaken me. I went mental of course, my thoughts were all over the place. It was almost funny but the demons were in control. 35 miles in and the officials stop me and about 40 others. We just completed the longest hardest peak. But they said on the final down hills wind conditions are too dangerous. you have finished the race. No I didn't there were 15 miles left, The fun part no less. Yea I just did the hard part but I need the prize, the true finish. I failed, I let my body quit because I was too slow, 20 minutes faster and the finish line was mine. Do you see how we are our own worst enemy ??? Bring on the funk, But put on a happy face for others. Can't show I'm weak, I did good and everyone around was good and positive. I love you all but I'm hurting inside alone !!!
So we return back to Sac-town and my thoughts and doubts grow. I realized I wasn't eating good because the scale don't lie. Weight gain and no workouts. Loose the house we made an offer on. The office p.c. is down so I can't start my new routine with Mike Arnold. My friend Tiffany"s mom passed R.I.P Pat Palmer, Which brought old friendship drama and more negativity. The demons are winning,,, Nope I'm in control I can't be beaten. My Iron-man training starts Monday. Hardcore workouts. let the "endorphins" (I know Its spelled wrong but can't find correct spelling) flow. Just letting you in my heart with no walls will help. Its like laying on the couch with the psychiatric doctor, except it's my laptop playing some classic Queen as I type. Boy that Pandora program ROCKS... "JdP" OUT