Saturday, February 27, 2010

I feel like blabbing !!!

So another great week passes by and nothing monetarily to show for or it. But as the plumber dripping on the the world is OK. Some weeks I just try to touch and affect as many people as I can and this week was no exception. I plumbed my heart out and Gave those who deserved a discount one and those who deserved to be gouged got gouged.

It's funny how many 65 plus people are in this world with no one to take good care of them and their house. I always ask them, you don't have kids or grand kids who could have done this. Then I get the sad and pathetic nope. Come on people even though I'm alone in this state of California If my hypothetical 70 year old father called me in N.Y. and had a problem that needed fixing, Then I would make a call and have a buddy take care of it. Sometimes one must ask what has this F@#$en world come too. Am I right or Am I right

Then this week I had some customers who live in a higher tax bracket then most of us reading this, and they were "scum". Now you know I try deeply to not put people in that light but when I'm or any service person is in your house fixing your problem, one should be careful what you say on the phone and how you talk to your house service people. There is never a need to be rude to the people who could easily kill your grass or blow you house up with you in it. Just down right silly, so they must break out the check book and pay full price with a little extra. So that when I go to that sweet 83 yaer old ladyies house he can get his job/ problem fixed for free

I also went to Monterrey this week. I'm sorry it was actually Carmel but we call them our Monterrey team 212 crew. How can total strangers become friends/family, Thanks Buck and Robert for opening your heart to me. Also a great drive, 12 hours there and back in one night, With some outstanding male friends. Vinny-mac always teaching, I'm amazed how a carpenter can teach a plumber and were not talking about building a house, just life. Then my young brother Oliver a simple soccer player, But yet so deep in life spirit. His parents did a good job, I owe them a few hugs so look out momma cause I will hug you the hardest (sorry Jackson). I also saw my daughter, brought her a care package like a good parent should. She is on her way to change this world. keep it up sweetie !!!

So before I sign out I'm going to tell you a story (Thanks Nick)... There is this business lady waiting at the airport for a plane. She decides she's hungry and thirsty, So she walks to the magazine kiosk grabs a water and bag of cookies and sits back down. As she's sitting reading she notices the man next to her eating her cookies. It upsets her, but she grabs one and doesn't say any thing. he takes another, she still say nothing but gets more annoyed. finally one cookie left the man takes it breaks it in half takes his piece hands her the other piece, She's now steaming but still says nothing. The lady boards the plane, and is putting her bag into the overhead baggage compartment and notices her bag unzipped and See's her closed bag of cookies. Humbled she sits back down...

In life you don't know what you don't know. Try to treat each person with kindness and have compassion. You just don't know when you will be next to that great life changing person. Look at me, I wore a kilt to a meeting in Anaheim, just because I'm different and It got me face to face time with an awesome inspirational man Dallin Larson. I know sometimes I must sound like a broken record. but it makes me sad how most forget. Just be true to who you are and always treat others better than you want to be treated... I'm just sayin

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  1. You amaze me every single day! You are amazing! I was so glad you visited me. It was perfect to have you there to cheer me up!! I love you bud!! :)