Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello all, I have a bit of writers block, So my parents went away for a weeks vacation They left the keys to the brand new Porsche. No No lets be serious, Stay with me while I blabber!!!

So collections, Everyone has one. some may be small and insignificant Or others grand and in depth. With tons of details and organization. I'm reminded of this because twice lately doing my job as the plumber, I have been in houses of collectors. But not your normal collections, Nor ones you would want to show off or maybe you would, You decide. Both customers were senior citizens, and women. I tell you this information not to make judgement but just to set the picture.

First I'll call Rose, She had every news paper for twenty years that the sac bee put out. Neatly stacked By days, weeks, months years. All the Sundays separated since she went through the ads, but even the ads were separated by category or store. One would say Rose was a hoarder, Not true she was an amateur historian. While I fixed her plumbing leak we talked and she was a encyclopedia of history. Which all came from the newspapers. So one shouldn't pass judgement

Next I'll call Betty, She had about 1000 of the little wooden dolls. You know the ones that you open and there's one inside it and you open and repeat about 4 more times till you have a real tiny one. Now I have seen these, even think we have some in my house. Not totally strange But her reasoning was pretty Awesome. she had a reason, Her husband and she would travel the world when they were young, buying on at each place representing that country, town, village. Making and keeping this glorious memory. Now they never had kids got married at 15 and 16. He died at 50 in a tragic car accident coming home from work with grocery's and one of these dolls in his car. Which he got from a co-worker and it was from Alaska. Betty proceeded to tell me that when they had gone to Alaska they couldn't Find one. Wow what an Awesome guy, Any hoot she has been collecting them as she traveled alone keeping his memory alive. Betty was late 80's and almost made me cry so I didn't charge her and of course she gave me cash anyway. But had an awesome collection and a heartfelt story to go with it !!!

So what do you collect ??? Most men do Baseball cards or comics. Ladies dolls, Bears or little glass figurines. I collect Pez dispensers, weird right this big strapping guy will these little candy dispensers. Hey we all do something, mine are neat and organized by style or character series. My first a little yellow tweety bird, It got smashed when I was little from a bully who said yellow tweety bird chicken coward. By the way I beat him up when I was 13 and my passion for yellow stuck ( Hows life now Mossimo ??? And who's the coward ??? ) Any way I have maybe 100+ and only buy the ones that grab me with a memory or are rare. Oh and I do have the yellow tweety bird again. He sits on the shelves in the center and who doesn't love the Seinfeld episode where he watches the play with tweety on his knee clapping. So whats your collection ??? Whatever it is be proud it your memory trigger. Don't let anyone tell you it's silly. To Rose and Betty Keep rocking I will keep you in my prayers... I'm just sayin


  1. My collection is stones and rocks...I always get some wise cracks when moving-because who wants to move ROCKS?! I have rocks from as early as 4 years old, I used to polish them with a polishing machine. I would collect them over the years, many from around the world in my travels and picking them up from where ever I might be with a memory I want to capture. I have all sizes from small to large ones that are just meant to be held or holding something down. :) Chelsea Chase

  2. nothing wrong with enjoying a PEZ collection!... Show'em if ya got'em!... you're not alone!!!