Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me time !!!

Life has been so busy over the last few weeks. First off I'm not complaining, But I have been running around trying to please everyone else and no true ME time.

Right now I'm sick for the first time in over 2 years. To be honest it sucks hard. I keep wishing mommy will come make me feel better. When I say mommy, I don't mean my birth mother. I mean my wonderful wife whom raised two children into young adults.
I just want some soup, my tummy rubbed then get tucked in. Not that I could sleep all day because my business is booming. which I love, it makes me happy. In some sort of way completes Me. It's funny plumbing completes me. That's really funny cause we can't live without our internal plumbing. I hope you got what I was trying to throw down. As a plumber helping others fills my void of being inadequate. Then that leads to a whole separate topic of self doubt but now is not the time to go there.

Even when I took a weekend away, with friends for v-day. I knew it wasn't for me. If I said it once I will say it a thousand times more, Happy wife Happy life. She had an Awesome time, Our friends did too (I hope). Sure it was fun, but I was mostly concerned with everyone Else's happiness. I loved seeing there smiling laughing faces. But again no Me time, We did what I thought they wanted to do, and never did I get selfish and push what I wanted. I know I'm a giver not a taker. Guys I'm not digging on you. I really enjoyed sharing in your firsts as a group. Even yelling at oliver over Monopoly, Or playing scrabble with my o.c.d. sister nicole. I wouldn't change anything. I even went the whole weekend with no computer, facebook or mafia wars.

So I'm sick, Is this because I'm just physically run down. Or is it from me having to break my routine. No exercise really, No proper diet, No Monavie juice like normal. What can it be ??? I have jobs all weekend and next week, Because I not a no man, I'm a definite yes man. I can and will beat this whatever I have. Start eating right and get back in training for the races. Life would just be no fun if we were in balance all the time. Just let me hear ya say HELL yea Let each of us have some ME time... I'm just sayin

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