Thursday, October 7, 2010


The date is October 7th 2010, I must start off with a thank you for today and everyday forward. You should do this everyday because life is short, Live each and every day to the fullest, It could be your last. One never knows when GOD will call your number. We must prepare for it with each breathe, Have fun,,, period !!!
Now your probably wondering what I'm talking about, Well today is the third year anniversary of my death experience. That's right on October 7th 2007 I went Dirt biking with my buddy's, Had a seizure, rode of a cliff, no pulse for 18 minutes, Clear on level 3 big needle in the heart while being flown out on a chopper, 11 days in a coma, 8 broken ribs, punctured lungs, broken right shoulder, Dislocated right knee, torn internals spleen and stuff, Theres one more thing,,, Oh Major frontal Brain injury (I always forget that, wonder why ??? LOL) Once I woke and 6 weeks later my head started to clear. No memory's for that time and the months before are foggy. Who cares cause I don't I'm just thankful to be alive.
Thanks Kevin Chreigton for helping me that tragic day. I wish our friendship stayed strong But I understand Your pulling away. Who would want to hang around a crazy guy. Besides I'm into bikes with no motors now. I have no fear of riding motorcycles again. I have just taking the sign from the Lord up above to give it up for now.
Babe thanks for standing by me during the rough times. Not just since the event but during the whole 20 years together. I have always cherished you and the fact that you have saved me several times. We have had a fun roller coaster ride and will continue for at least 20 more, Then we will ride our rascal scooters side by side (Don't worry I will hook them up to go fast like we have loved thus far) I LOVE YOU BABY
All those whom I share my life with now, Thanks, I don't feel I have to say names. One doesn't want to leave anyone out. You know who you are, Hint I share with you, Hug you, encourage you, Listen to you. I may not say I love you out-loud (to be honest it weirds me out when some of you say it to me,,, I am a manly man you know) But I do love and carry a piece of you in my heart. Also know I will be there when you ask for help or a hug !!!
So My message is always the same and simple, LIVE YOU LIFE. Don't ever look back and think or say wow I wish I would have, You weren't ready. Every thing happens for a reason, Don't question the why or how, Just go with your flow, our ending is all the same but the journey is different so make it fun with no regrets. I could kick my self and say why did I ride that day, eat improperly, drink so much alcohol, Do drugs, Ruin my liver and pancreas, Get diabetic and have that seizure. NO NO NO, It was part of my journey, my rode, my adventure. Preparation to make me thankful for the man I am and have always been. Future winning IRON-MAN !!! That's right I said it, Dream Big or go back to bed. Don't stop at the bumps in your rode, use them for strength. The first step is always the hardest. I believe in you, Seize each day, Remember only you can change you. If you need help ask for it. Together we can conquer any thing, BUT only you can take the first step. I hope you get the point, No doubts, No regrets, Live each day, Have fun, Say I love you and always Thank those whom you share your world with,,, It's simple, You can DO It !!! "Iron-Man Jeff Da Plumber" says Peace Out

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  1. Jeff...tears are streaming...thanks for taking the time to are an amazing man, an inspiration to many. It just shows how strong the spirit is and your journey is proof positive that you can do anything you set your mind to do. I am honored to call you friend.