Monday, November 1, 2010

Religion and Halloween

OK so this week I was to participate in the Folsom mud run But If you believe in a higher power and a man of GOD asks for a favor you should say yes, Besides who really thought running in the mud will help my Iron-Man training. Also I'm not aspiring to be in the military again, I could never kill some one unless they were attacking me or someone I love. You know as I typed that I thought if they were attacking a stranger and I were saving them I could in defense but now I'm off topic,,, Breathe focus,,, OK so I was asked to give a sermon at the senior center on a someone else's day, 3rd time in a month. Does the big man have a plan ??? So if you watched the news at all this weekend, they were questioning Halloween and religion since it fell on a Sunday, me being me I thought this is a good topic for a sermon, Here it Is and any response or comments would be greatly appreciated !!!
Today is Halloween, is any one craving candy yet ??? What does Halloween mean to you ??? I ask you should a Christian observe Halloween ??? Good thought provoking question right ???

There is no direct message to this matter in the bible and that's probably because Halloween as we know it came much later than the bible being written. This is a dilemma because it's a disputable matter that can stir the pot in a way most are not wiling to go. Some one said to me "It's a Roman 14 issue" Now I will admit my lack of knowledge and say I don't know what that means. Ultimately you must decide for your self. Here before you I will try to give some history and scripture and the decision will be up to you.

Some of our or the Early celebrations in history on October 31st "Halloween" Have pagan roots stemming from ancient Celtic festivals called Samhein. This was a harvest festival where druids ushered in the new year beginning October 31st. They had bonfires, sacrifices ushering out summer and welcoming the season of darkness. They also said or thought this was the day that the "invisible" gate opened between earth and the spirit world or "Heaven". In the 8th century Roman pope Gregory III moved all saints day to November 1st, making October 31st "all hallows eve". It is also known as the day of "reformation" in which the Catholic and Protestant churches truly separated. So where does the bible fit in ???
First in Ephesians1 5:7-21 (read your self at home)
Does this tell us Halloween is a worthless deed of evil or do we celebrate the day remembering how or why life is so special

In Corinthians1 9:22-23 and Deuteron 18:10-12 (also read yourself)
While these passages make it pretty clear what you shouldn't do, They are not realistic to our modern lifestyle. No where does it say "Trick or Treat" disgusts or shames our God or even Jesus for that matter. In fact If Jesus was here right now in a house and one of God's children rang his bell, I'm sure he would open his door, his heart, Bless them and give the most AWESOMENESS candy. We each must decide what is right in our heart or convictions, My opinion Eat some sweets, Bless the children, Dance the Monster Mash with you friends and family, Have fun enjoying and celebrating life, Pray together,,,
So Let us pray now !!! "IronMan Jeff da Plumber" OUT for now

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  1. A++++ and remember you can add the scriptures from the internet and block quote them. I miss you bud, but I know you're doing awesome!