Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iron-Man and Christianity

On this Sunday it was my turn to share the word of God with the men and women at two of my local senior centers. This in itself to me is a great act of spirituality, Because I always remind myself I'm just a street kid from N.Y.C. What do I know about the great book of GOD ??? How can I speak about it to others and will they even get where I'm coming from since of the generation gap. All I can do is give it my all, This was how it ran on September 19th 2010

So as I start this week Please lets remember an event September 11th 2010 9-11 ,It was a tragedy witch no one should ever forget and it's sad that some did. This year I tried to take the negative and turn it to a positive. I took my sadness and turned it into a triumph of spiritual positivity. I competed in my first ever Iron-Man Triathlon. for those who don't know that's where a not so sane person decides to get up in the early morning with 300-350 other individuals get in a body of water swim a mile and a half, Then bike 56, and then like that's not enough run 13.2 miles, Just because The lord said we can. this is an endurance contest, Characterized by great lengths and concentrated efforts. One need's Training, training, and more Training, Some education and a good coach. What better coach than our GOD the almighty giving us a son to carry us ,Jesus. Each thing I mentioned are Awesome aspects needed to cross the finish line. Your strong belief and honor in the LORD is in its self a marathon race of Christianity, So let me give you some examples,,,

(Note: for the seniors I read from the bible, You at home open it up and read for yourself you may learn something or you will get where I'm coming from)
Psalm 119:105
Corinthians 1 9;24-27

So when we work out, we are doing it for long period of times. Increasing our aerobic stamina, Thus learning patience. Same as when we walk the path of life with the LORD. Gaining more strength and knowledge for the finish line a day, our days in heaven,
Romans 5:3-6
Some may get a coach or Join a team to help on this journey. I did not for my first Iron-Man. I choose none, I relied on friends, books magazines, and the internet. I realized I had the ultimate coach JESUS. He was a real good coach. he ran a race of pure endurance. A definite pace setting group leader. He was my true personal trainer. Free of any charge as long as I stay true to GODS path. He corrects and reassures us, Leading us to a dream finish, A place in heaven beside HIM. Some more examples from our book of hope,,,
John 13:15-17
Corinthians 1 9:19
John 14:2-3
Next you need effective pacing. this is the key to a good finish or really just finishing at all. This if done right allows one to kick it into high gear during final miles. Thus being a good Christian allows one to have a great finish in life. You just have to keep the Faith and believe the Angels are always around you, To carry us the extra or last miles.
Hebrews 12:1-2
Ephesians 2:5-6
There are other passages you can read to find help on your path, These were some that helped me on my journey for an Iron-Man finish. Any passage you read to get up each day, shuffling through the day and laying our heads down. You must just keep the faith. I feel one can not live without two things Hope and Faith. When that car sent me into the bushes on race day, I got up dusted my self off, Thanked God for my life and got right back on my path knowing God saved my life for another day and I am thankful. DON'T ever give up !!! Say thank you every day, Knowing the coach is always there for you, Let us pray,,,
Lord please keep the family's of 9-11 safe and know they are always in my prayers, Let the people around me know they are strong and you are waiting for them with open arms. I thank you for the strength to finish and I can compete another day with you in my heart, And everyone says AMEN
Remember our coach JESUS see us as winners every day, Stay blessed, thank you for spending this morning with me, until next time "Iron-Man Jeff da Plumber" OUT


  1. Nice comparison Jeff, very interesting. Almost like a moving prayer. Moving meditation with god as our coach, always!

  2. Definitely an A+++ performance!! 1437 <3