Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day !!!

So today is fathers day, Last week at church I was asked to give the Sunday 5 minute sermon at the senior centers. I had intended to do the dads run 10k here in Sacramento, But have realized sometimes one makes choices with the "BIG MAN" as your tour guide. This week was a rough one with a hundred toilets installed and my normal job calls. Then of course family commitments, Friends needing some love. Oh and don't forget the normal life errands. It didn't leave much time to write a sermon. I did the best I could, Here it was...June 20th 2010
As you may or may not know today is fathers day. Can we take a moment to remember our fathers present or in the after life. They gave us life and we must respect that. Every single day we share in this world we must thank them for our breath. Especially on this day we honor them, Love them, and send them our blessings.
Todays reading is short but has much meaning if your mind is open to my interpretation.
"your sons will take the place of your fathers. You will make them princes throughout the land" Psalm 45:16
The verse occurs in a psalm about the lord Jesus Christ. I believe the "YOU" being addressed here is GOD our heavenly father. The sons are Christ's followers . The verse then refers to the fathers, they are the saints that have passed before. They are the fathers in our faith. The "psalm-ists" tell us that GOD the king will have the followers take the place of the faith and he will make them princes throughout the lands.
We as followers of Christ here this morning have a calling. If you have given your heart to Jesus, then you are the sons mentioned. You are to take the place of such greats as Moses, Joshua, Isiah, Ezekian, and John the Baptist, just to name a few. I don't know what you think But that's some pretty good company, Our fathers in FAITH. GOD your father is going to make you a prince. That's one serious promise, Stay true to your beliefs in the lord, Our GOD and the Holy spirit's. At no time Don't think even for one minute that God's princes look anything like those we see today in our living world, on T.V. or in the papers. God's princes are his and his alone. Not ours in our world.
On any day but especially today, Fathers day I will share an acronym, Six attributes of a "FATHER" (F)aithful (A)ble (T)rue (H)umble (E)ternal (R)ighteous
GOD our heavenly father and Christian fathers,,,
Let us pray silently for our father's ,,,, Amen
Well that was a moment with "Jeff Da Plumber" Peace to yall ... out

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