Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facts on Saturday since I have been a slacker

So I have been so busy with this bicycle thing and all the normal life procedures I have been slacking. But at no time do I ever stop searching for knowledge. One can't and should never stop learning. Search for something new each day. You control your path. Sometimes we may not like the road were on. But you are always the passenger going where you should. Now when you stop your in control. Just stay true and have some Hope and faith. So onto some facts:
FACT: The color red does not make bulls go crazy, They are actually color blind
FACT: Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev holds the world record for time travel, Shocking,,, He traveled .02 seconds into the future (Look it up it's fascinating)
FACT: There is an English word with no vowels "CRWTH" Its a strange ancient instrument pronounced "Crooth"
Fact: From the depth of real plumbing truth Baby Koalas eat their moms poop (Again look it up)
FACT: Siberian Salamanders freeze solid and still survive !!!
FACT: In Japan they have square watermelons
FACT: Lions sleep 20 hours a day
FACT: Dolphins breathe air so when they sleep they shut half their so they use less oxygen
FACT: Jupiter is made of the lightest gases but is the heaviest planet in our solar system
FACT: The Statue of Liberty's feet are 25 feet long, making her U.S. shoe size 879
As usual I'm just bringing you into my world. As you can see sometimes its animals or fruit or weird world facts. Search them out we all have our own ticks. Google some of my facts to learn more if they interest you. Most are fascinating, Of course that's my opinion. But since you are reading this you want to hear from the plumber. Till next time, Keep it real and remember The more you learn the more you earn... "JdP" OUT

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