Monday, March 8, 2010

Just because

So this weekend I went on a hike with some friends. WOW what a great planet we have. It was a simple hike to some waterfall up outside Auburn California. Seven of us total, Getting exercise, Having great conversations, Building better friendships. One more example of why living is great. Just beware of the mountain Elephants. I feel weird saying this, Because I pride myself on being a very masculine man, But I love you guys, all of you, Nick, Jenn, Ben, Nicole, Peter, and Sarah. To many more hikes

Sometimes you may wonder how poorly we treat this wonderful planet. Each day were on this earth destroying it. I don't know maybe it's just me but how can we keep this looking so great. when I'm out in the Forrest, as close to mother nature a boy from New York city can get, I just breathe it into my lungs. Or I think about that Native American commercial with the strong Indian crying because of all the trash and pollutants, We can make some impact, NO !!! Some say there is no GOD and I'm not trying to start that argument, But I believe This earth is great and he made it this way. So lets try and protect it, Every little bit counts. If even you just recycle or re-use something. Take a shower one minute less, Or even for some spice in your life shower with your spouse. This will make a difference. Another great energy savor is just turning your thermostat at home just 4 degrees higher or lower depending on the season, This counts. Turn your lights off or change your light bulbs to fluorescent. All small things and there is many more. You make the choice !!!

I know I'm hitting you with common sense. If your reading this your old enough to make some change and if anything IT will save you money. So pitch in, make a difference, MOTHER NATURE will thank you... Real Truth from da plumber


  1. Love it Jeff! Being a Green Girl, I especially liked all of the great conservation tips. I do have to admit, however, that while I do love taking a shower with the hubs, for some reason we don't seem to conserve much water! Doh! TMI? I'm just sayin'... ;O)

  2. You got it man! Tonight I will shower for only a few minutes....>Value you as a person and a friend...Thank You Jeff! Nick