Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fact Friday 3-26-2010

So last week I was so swamped there was no time for blogging. This week was even more busy, Making both my A and B businesses pop off at the same time. Always trying to be totally successful. Wow its always great when that happens. Two days ago a customer made me get a hair cut. Well actually they tried to fix there water heater, then once they couldn't they called the plumber. Of course I show up asked what the problem was and go to diagnose the failure. When bam a huge flame shoots out the pilot assembly door. I move quickly, bumped my head and scratched my face. OK so as I try to get my bearings I realized my far head was bleeding, I go to my truck, put a band aid on and notice my hair caught fire, GREAT 5 MONTHS OF NO HAIRCUT GONE with a bald spot, doing my job and no alcohol involved. Now I have to explain to the customer how they messed up and should have informed me that they tampered with the gas valve. 120$ repair now over 400$ and a 20$ hair cut. I think they learned a lesson and feel good that there house didn't burn down. For all that read this DON'T touch the gas valve unless you are trained to do so !!! Any hoot I will give you a weekly dose of what I have learned this week and last week too...

FACT: Most heart attacks happen on Mondays (This is due to partying all weekend and then rushing to work in a panic cause you body is tore up from the party)

FACT: Between 1950 and 1990 the teen suicide rate Quadrupled (Again the partying and television and more partying)

FACT: Condoms were used to cover rifle barrels from being damaged by salt water as the soldiers stormed the beaches during WWII (should have been saved for the partying)

FACT: Having sex can reduce a fever because of the sweat produced also helps with Headaches (ladies I didn't make that up, GOOGLE it, Honey you want to party)

FACT: When you kiss someone for a minute you both burn 2.6 calories (I bet the most combined calories burned together on the planet from kissing is on new years)

FACT: The combined weight of all the ants in the world is the same or slightly greater than all the humans weight (simply fascinating No ???)

FACT: Soccer is the most viewed sport in the world (And NICK CLARK ROCKS IT)

FACT: The name "Optimus Prime" has a prime number of letters in it (I'm no math person so you analytical's out there send me a message to explain)

FACT: Rhythm is the longest English word with no vowels (I always spell it with an "em" at the end)

FACT: You can't hum while holding your nose closed (Try it, Its a fun game or bet)

FACT: In ancient Rome thumbs up was the crowds sign for the gladiator to kill his opponent (And now we use it to give the OK sign, Hey Here's to ya)

OK so another week down, I hope I gave you some knowledge. Or just made you laugh, Either way I'm just glad to be alive What about you ??? Last two tid bits, ONE, The estimated M&M's made and sold in the U.S. each day is two million. I'm looking for all the green ones, if your out there call me. Thanks Nick for being my Jedi and someone I call a true brother, This road to the the top will be AWESOME, You, Jenn, Christine and all the rest of Team 212 Keep it real and look out silver executive here I come. And finally What is the longest word you can type with only your left hand ??? ... RealTalk from "Jeff the Plumber"

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