Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget 9/11

OK so it's 9 11 and I thought I would just keep it in today,,, The world won't let me.

Everything on the tube today is 9 11 related even food network. which has left me

watching game show network allot. Which by the way has become my go to, no thought

Chanel. If not watching the tube or playing mafia wars on FB, It was my day to give the

sermons for seniors, I didn't write nothing. I just talked about my day 10 years ago. Why

was I given that funny, weird feeling that early morning ??? I always showed up to do my

job. But on that day I called in and cancelled my job, That I was the foreman of, not the

normal go to work sick guy, I saved lives that I don't even remember, They were a good

crew but all there name and faces are blank to me now. I hope they went on to greatness.

As for me I'm still searching for my own greatness. Is that even possible, To be great I

mean, not the searching for it part ??? You can be my judges, One thing I sure know I love

being the plumber. you can't understand I really really love being the plumber. In less

than a week I'm traveling to Namibia Africa to be the plumber. That I know will be

AWESOME. I know each day that is what I was made to be. I guess the "BIG MAN" GOD almighty

has a plan for me and if I had passed that day,,, well I didn't and now I get to

continually help others in the way GOD intended me too, My heart will remain heavy, my

prayers will be strong, I LOVE you All !!!

This is "Jeff Da Plumber" saying until next time stay blessed,,, OUT

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