Friday, May 7, 2010

Facts and troubles ???

Happy Friday, How's all my peeps doing out there ??? woh woh woh Not all at once, you sound all garbled and excited, LIFE must be great. Haha just having some typing fun. all though sometimes when I type I wish I could know what your all feeling. Would some one start working on that. Any hoot this week was another adventure, as life should be, Right or Right. I spent this week mixing, fixing, and biking. tottaly steped out of my box on mixers, crashed a few which weren't my normal crowd. my truck broke down but thanks to the BIG man blessing me with the skills to fix almost anything it only cost me 50 bucks in parts and materials. Then hit the road on the bike, 22 days till the riding challenge of my life so far. Racing the train in Darango Colorodo, with the pros like Nick clark, Lance armstrong, and George Hincappie. Wow "Jeff the Plumber" riding his yellow bicycle up a montain with those cats and actually trying to win. Again life isn't life if we are not LIVING. So on to my tid bits of facts:

FACT: more than 20,000,000 Hershey kisses are wraped each day, That's 133sq miles of tin foil (tin foil is recylable incase you didn't know)

FACT: If you walk next to someone eventually you will synchronize your steps

FACT: The average temp of a honey bee hive is 94 degrees Farenheit all year round (does any one else love honey ??? MM good, right or right)

FACT: Our sun will never explode, scientists say it's too small to generate enough enrgy to go supernova (that means exploding star peeps, I love science stuff)

FACT: The EARTHS weight is approximately 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg or about 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons (now did they figure this with or without us calcullated in to these numbers)

FACT: "Nintendo" is Japanese for "Leave luck to heaven", And they made playing cards befors video games

FACT: America's favorite color crayon is blue and they have 8-10 different shades of blue (I like yellow, What's your favorite ???)

FACT: Mario from supermario brothers was named jumpman first and they gave him a hat and a mustace so it was easyier to draw, He was also supposed to be a carpenter (But plumbers are way more fun, WAY MORE FUN)

FACT: (since no one guessed this last time) Genophobia is the fear of Sex

FACT: The first U.S. president was not technicaly George Washington it was a guy named John Hanson, He was the`President of congress in 1781 under the articles of confederation (Ok I love history too)

Once again I share my Knowledge with you. I always hope you learn something as I try to do every day. Also it was hard this week since my computer is down and this blog was typed on a laptop, good thing I'm sterile... "Jeff the Plumber" OUT

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