Sunday, November 18, 2012


So it's upon us once again and here I am before you spout off some words, so here we go,,, Thanksgiving is an Awesome american formed holiday celebrated by most in the states and hopefully world wide now, But what does it mean or stand for ???

I'm not talking about the gathering of friends or family on Thursday November 22nd 2012, Where we eat turkey, potatoes, stuffing, corn and yams. Oh and all that yummy desert. Although a great celebration but not what I'm talking about.

I'm not even talking about that autumn day back in 1621, where the pilgrims sat down with the Wapaqnoag Indians to celebrate there first successful harvest, Even though that wasn't there tru reason, You see the pilgrims were celebrating as a part of there religion,,, Giving thanks to the lord.

EPHESIANS 1;15-23 (this is the part where I hope you get and open your bible)

Thanksgiving a day to be thankful, I'd like to believe this celebration started way back at another meal were 13 brothers sat and had a feast, some called it the last supper. That's right I said it You see JESUS CHRIST performed many miracles, raised a few people from the dead, even walked on water, because he could roll like that.

We believe in him,We follow him, As a father and a teacher, We admire and love him, We are called disciples since we learn from him, And on that day HE (JESUS) chose 12 men, Brothers, Apostles, Washed there feet as they entered the house, Shared in a Passover feast, HE (JESUS) spoke these great words

"Eat this, for this is my body, which is broken for you" "Drink this, for this is my blood, which is shed for you"
When that the meal ended,a feast beyond our earthly Thursday feasts, JESUS told his apostles "I give you a new commandment, That you love one another, even as I loved you, That you also love one another" When all was said and done those 12 men sang psalms and returned back to there worlds,,, This was a true Thanksgiving feast.

We should be this thankful each and every day and every thing we have because it is all a gift, Tomorrow is never guaranteed, I know how most will celebrate this week, in our modern American way, just don't forget the beginnings That our FATHER,,, GOD gives us each breathe and for that we should be THANKFUL

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL and May the LORD bring each of us many many BLESSINGS,,, Until next this is "Jeff da Plumber" saying peace be with you !!!

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