Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 21 2012

It's a new year and during this time most make a resolution or two, That in its self is great. The normal bunch are, loose weigh, get in shape, eat more healthy, make career moves, work harder, spend more time with family, take a vacation, These are all great things, But in my opinion they should be every day life

My number one resolution is to commit to my faith in GOD, Start listening even more to the words in the bible so my years road will be as smooth as silk, Of course I set goals instead of so called resolutions, My resolution is just keeping my faith and making it stronger.

My first step in this path is,,, well a tough one. You see I committed to compete in a full distance IRONMAN Triathlon, For those who don't know what that entails, especially if you don't hang with me enough, Is a nice 2.5 mile swim in a usually cold body of water, Followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride and wait for it,,, When I dismount the bike I will run a marathon. This will,,, No is no joke. Also not a moment in time one can not buck his or her FAITH, Prayers will need to be plentiful, GOD"S strength will need to envelop me each mile, The HOLY spirit will surely carry me a few miles.

So in this external goal you can see where my FAITH strengthening and commitment lie, But I always have to go the extra step, so to speak. I picked a charity that deals with FAITH. That is where my friends come in to the picture, You see my friend Jake Larson and Craig Gross, belong to xxx church, A church that fights pornography in a positive way, Not condemning those to all damnation, Just simply loving them and sharing the hands of GOD, The one and only JESUS. They help keep or protect children from viewing porn, Help the men and women who make porn with education, And my favorite keep the sanctity of marriage pure by making those addicted to porn accountable, Showing all the light of GOD !!!

This journey is important to my life path, But even more in GOD'S path for me on his road, My friends hearing my words right now, Don't worry about all you prior life baggage, It's what makes you,,, YOU, Just follow these words as I paraphrase the bible, JESUS said " It's OK just follow me " It's that simple, read your bible, in hard times read your your bible, in good times read your bible, The answers are all there, Don't forget your "Thank You's" for every breathe, And remember in the end Jesus is there if you BELIEVE

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