Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission trip in Namibia Africa: Day 7 continued

Our work on the church was done, base structure and roof complete, The members of the church will have to close in the wall, this is so that they can truly take ownership of the home for GOD, Us workers cleaned up as best we could, We sent for the chief or one of his head representatives, all the women and children gathered for the dedication ceremony, This once again moved me, I felt the strong need to drop to my knees, This time I didn't fight it, You see the gift of the LORD is always great, life is good and GOD is great, one should embrace these moments, the good and the bad is what life is about, keep it positive even when it seems negative, the bumps are just tests to see how true you are, So keep your faith.

This ceremony was about an hour long and even though my body was tired was spent my spirit carried me through, We then snapped tons of photos, which was great seeing all there smiles and laughter, The chiefs representative a Herrara women ( they hadn't called her his wive but the chief can have multiples) came pushing through the crowd towards the back where I was standing, Locals and 13 Americans and she pushes through the crowd to me,,, This I thought was strange, I'm just "JDP" a working class man from the U.S.A. I didn't understand her spoken words, they were not English, so I called for our translator Jobe, She stated she would like to be photographed with me and no one else, Now picture taking here is a touchy thing, you see they feel it will do something to there spirit, so we always were careful, in fact most of my pictures were taken from my hip not to draw attention to the camera, So I of course said yes with out questioning why, she shook my hand many times and hugged me in an excessively long time and walked off, I had no clue at this time the significance of this event, Some said she liked me, some said we would be married now, some also said it was because I was the largest of our group so I must have been the leader, Some even said my long hair and blue eyes gave me a JESUS like appearance, What ever it was I was honored, Just look out honey you might have some competition !!!

We once again load up and head back to our camp, on our way back we pass a parade with cars and trucks all flagged out, loudspeakers blaring, "come one come, come all, soccer tournament tomorrow" Exciting if I really played that sport, My bro Nick Clark would have been down at that field I bet, Once back at camp everyone gets a more deeper cleanup, we eat dinner and wait for church service, this was to begin at 6:30pm, But didn't until 10pm (African Arrival time Again) Service was in a tent about a mile down the road, we all pile in and watch the hours of signing and dancing, Our pastor Kokomore preaches, Then more signing and dancing we head back to camp now Saturday, I go to get some sleep but I see this as impossible, our camp is filled with 100's of new tents filled with all the surrounding villages children and teens for the youth services in the morning, It was time to go american I put my mp3 player on ear-buds in, Good night all I love you baby wher ever you are !!!

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