Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here I am again giving a Sunday sermon to the seniors on the Easter holiday. We all know what the meaning of Easter is if you have read the bible, But is the word "Easter" as we know it ??? The name or word is never mentioned in the original scriptures. In a later English translation the word is used,,, King James 12:4 it says
"And when he [Herod the king] had apprehended him [Peter] He put him in prison and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him intending after Easter to bring forth to the people"

In my studies I found that the book of acts was originally written in the Greek language, So the translation "Easter" is actually the word "pasha" which is Hebrew for passover. Jesus was killed during the celebration in Jerusalem. Passover is the Jewish religious celebration, It was instituted by GOD (Leviticus 23:5) It comes from when GOD delivered the Israelites from bondage and spared there first born.

"Easter" is more than the bunny's and egg coloring thing, But where did that stuff come from ???

First the rabbit, a symbol of fertility, a creature bringing new life. Fitting for "Christ has risen" Right, Easter is also on or around a full moon, which is the mother of goodness or Semiramis. In other words the Easter bunny symbolizes the mother.

The eggs now also means life. It was also a symbol of the Babylonians. They believed an egg of immense size fell from heaven into the Euphrates river and the goddess Astarte was hatched. The eggs now brought life and goddess Easter.

Easter is the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. When you have the time you can read the whole written story in Genesis. There you can learn about Christ's journey, why he came and who he was. His last days was told by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. He was and is our Messiah. The colored eggs, chocolate bunny are all symbolic of forgotten meanings but they are what they are. We as society sometimes forget the true past meanings. Now that I have shared my learning may you see things in a new light

Hide the eggs

Eat all the chocolate bunnies

Or my favorite yellow peeps,,,

Just don't forget the Messiah Jesus Rose and Returned,,,

Until next time "JDP" OUT

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