Monday, March 14, 2011


Let's talk change, It has been on my mind a ton in this new year. First off what does "change" even mean. I'm sure everyone has a different point of view. For me it has several. First one is actual change, the nice shiny and dull coins you carry around in your pocket or purse. My family and I are putting it in mason jars to raise some extra cash for my Africa trip I'm going on this year. I will be making some "change" for others and myself. Then you have personal "change", Spiritual "change", physical "change", Emotional "change",,, All of which I have been putting myself through.
Some you can "change" on your own, others "change" without your input at all. Let me start there, The people in your life change. You may edit them out or vice versa. Or they go through changes that affect you. Some you may like or not. In fact my close friends had a major change recently and to be honest I don't like it. It makes me sad and makes my heart heavy speaking to them. It changes my life too. I love them and wish them the best. I will go with the flow, not pick sides and let them decide how or where I fit in to there change. It's change you have no control over. Like the weather, you look outside, listen, and go with the flow
Physical "change", Boy have I been working this on many levels. As I sit here typing my left knee is throbbing. See yesterday I ran in the shamrock half marathon and my knee gave out, it was not ready for the change I was trying to make. See when I started this run "change" I was at like 16 minute miles, I'm trying to get consistent 6 minute miles. My body may not be ready, I finished anyway because I will not make the "change" of quitter.
I also just completed a 40 day transformation class. 40 days of change. Originally I went into it looking for sick abs "change". That "change" didn't happen. But my body did "change". The v shape physique is returning Thanks to my Zuda peeps and my own fortitude. As we went trough the book I had allot of "aha" moments. Been there doing that, so I have been changing whether I was aware or not.
Most who know me, know I can talk and tell stories. Be boisterous and expressive. But in my new phase of "change" I'm settling down, feeling more at peace alone. In my past alone time was drinking and drugging because I was alone and thought no one wanted me. So I filled that void. Once I "changed" that habit I came to the conclusion I was doing that stuff because I was afraid of "change". People wanted me and loved me, silly boy "change" can be good. Now When I'm alone I meditate, pray, or just listen to the sounds around me. feeling the love that surrounds me. In fact when I run I used to find someone to talk with. I have been just running quietly, having my own personal mind conversation. I even realized when music is on I'm really listening to what they are singing about and deciphering what they are meaning. This all comes from me being quiet. A "change" for the better,,, I don't know is it ???
In fact as I am writing this I'm confused again, what does "change" mean. I thought I knew 20 minutes ago but then it "CHANGED",,, AHA,,, That's my point it happens when your not aware. Whether your in control or not "change" happens. Once we learn to just go with it life is easier. One must be able to accept the world goes round and round with or without your input. You can change or not. Things will change or not. You will be happy or not. But "CHANGE" will happen. I say love it or hate it, But you can not always "change" it. I hope I brought something up within you just now, But my new life awareness or mantra, Just "Go with the flow" ""CHANGE"" Until next time, Jeff da Plumber OUT

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  1. I'm so proud to be your daughter! You inspire me each and everyday.