Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cars and Bikes on the road

OK so as I have found the new me, apprentice Lance Armstrong. Cycling is a great form of exercise. One could spend there time riding the various trails along the Sacramento river. But after some time that gets boring. also as you improve you need a greater challenge of hills and valleys to build greater leg strength. That only leaves the regular paved streets/roads in town or out in the rural areas surrounding Sacramento. There comes the quandary, Not where to ride but how to ride with the hustle and bustle of cars, trucks, buses ???
Did you know that a cyclist is entitled to a minimum of 3 feet from the edge of the road when no bike trails or path are present. Also when your in a car passing a cyclist on a road with no bike lane you must pass on the left opposite the yellow lines when traffic permits,,, But do you ??? Most people not, In fact you honk give us the finger and speed passed annoyed by the man or women on the bike. Meanwhile your in a car, weighing 2 tons which can travel 100 miles per hour with not much effort. Now the bike on the other hand weighs 20lbs plus rider, averages 15-30 mph and maybe tops 65 mph if all is good and were hustling on a huge downhill
The cyclist is out there to get fit and stay in shape. Thus living a better life for his or her family. We should not be worried about being hit by a car. Getting hurt so we can't work, or even worse loosing our lives. One should be able to ride, getting fitter and enjoying the great outdoors. Besides bicycles have been around longer than cars. When there were horses everywhere cars looked out for them, Because your car would get demolished from hitting one. A biker wouldn't cause much damage to your car when you strike them But there life would greatly change !!!
So when your out there and it's a back road with no Bike path, SLOW DOWN, pass on the left side of the yellow lines, Give a honk and a wave. The cyclist will appreciate you, Even more His or Her children, Family, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Fiancé, Dog, Cat (you get the point) will greatly care to see them that night. I hope you understand this, it's a simple act. Show us respect on the road. That's all we ask, See you out there keeping the rubber side down... Jeff the IRON-MAN Plumber.... OUT


  1. I'd honk smile, and wave at you! :)

  2. Like it IRONMAN! I think that we need a Caravan of cars now that we are moving to the next level. Maybe it would be good to have one to block traffic and carry our food and water, one to carry our 5 different bikes, one to carry our ladies and a huge hummer in the back to block out all of the semi trucks that hall down the road. Keep up the good work brother! Nick